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    Now in its second edition,Climatology continues to provide an up-to-date stimulating and comprehensive guide to the nature of the earth's climate. It presents a synthesis of contemporary scientific ideas about atmospheric circulation.

    Topics covered include:
    -Energy systems-The hydrological cycle-General circulation, local and regional climate-Application of climate information-Use of satellite observations

    1. The scope and controls of the climate;
    2. The Earth's radiation budget;
    3. Energy and temperature;
    4. Moisture in the atmosphere;
    5. Precipitation;
    6. Winds and pressure;
    7. The general circulation and global climate;
    8. Tropical weather and climate;
    9. Extra-tropical climates;
    10. Local climates;
    11. Human interaction with climate;
    12. Climates of the past;
    13. The future - Climate change, climate models climate impacts


    P.J. Robinson, Ann Henderson-Sellers