2nd Edition

Contemporary Critical Criminology

By Walter S. DeKeseredy Copyright 2022
    188 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    188 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The concept of critical criminology – that crime and the present-day processes of criminalization are rooted in the core structures of society – is of more relevance today than it has been at any other time.

    Written by an internationally renowned scholar, Contemporary Critical Criminology introduces the most up-to-date empirical, theoretical, and political contributions made by critical criminologists around the world. In its exploration of this material, the book also challenges the erroneous but widely held notion that the critical criminological project is restricted to mechanically applying theories to substantive topics, or to simply calling for radical political, economic, cultural, and social transformations. Now fully updated and expanded in a new edition, this book offers further coverage of new directions in critical criminology, covering topics such as:

    • Green criminology
    • Indigenous criminology
    • Intersectionality
    • Narrative criminology
    • Rural critical criminology
    • Queer criminology
    • Zemiology
    • Critical research methods
    • Contemporary critical criminological policies

    Written in a clear and direct style, this book is an essential source of reference for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of criminology, deviance and social control, criminological theory, social policy, research methodology, and criminal justice.


    1.What is Critical Criminology  2.Beyond Marxism: Early New Theoretical Directions in Critical Criminology  3.Late Critical Criminologies  4.Contemporary Critical Criminological Research  5.Confronting Crime: Critical Criminological Policies


    Walter S. DeKeseredy is Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences, Director of the Research Center on Violence, and Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University. He has published 27 books, 120 refereed journal articles, and 90 scholarly book chapters on issues such as woman abuse, rural criminology, and criminological theory.

    "The first edition of Contemporary Critical Criminology quickly became an essential reference for anyone wanting to understand the key developments in this diverse and evolving field. In this revised and thoroughly updated edition, Walter DeKeseredy skillfully charts the most recent advances toward the kind of criminology we most need in these volatile times – a criminology that can help us think seriously about how to create societies that are more just, more sustainable, and more secure."

    Elliott Currie, University of California, Irvine, USA

    "The questions critical criminology poses and the insights it produces are especially significant in our troubled times. The new edition of Walter DeKeseredy's excellent book Contemporary Critical Criminology is a model example where scholarly erudition is combined with an unwavering commitment to social justice so as to address urgent social problems. A must-read."

    Leonidas Cheliotis, Associate Professor of Criminology and Director of the Mannheim Centre for Criminology, London School of Economics, UK

    "The second edition of Contemporary Critical Criminology highlights the immediacy of the political, social, and economic inequalities that literally and symbolically threaten the lives of millions. While underscoring the complicated realities of the present moment, DeKeseredy also reminds us of our past, deftly reviewing historical roots and traditions that – although contrasting and multifaced – can be combined under a shared critical vision. DeKeseredy’s second edition will quickly become an essential read for anyone skeptical about the criminological status quo and who imagines a less toxic future."

    Katherine Irwin, Professor of Sociology, University of Hawaiʻi, Manoa, USA