1st Edition

Contemporary Ethical Dilemmas in Assisted Reproduction

Edited By Shenfield Francoise Copyright 2006

    Ethical dilemmas are more common in assisted reproduction than in any other area of medicine. Providing a framework for discussing and articulating to patients the topical issues in assisted reproduction, this text examines the ever-changing interaction between ethics, society, and scientific advances in the area. This third volume of ethical debates includes chapters on assisted reproduction for parents with HIV and Hep-C, posthumous reproduction and non-Christian religious ethics in relation to assisted reproduction.

    Introduction, Bob Edwards

    Part I: The beginnings

    Whose embryos are they anyway?, Gill Lockwood

    Reproductive cloning, a crime against human beings? An international view, Gerard Teboul

    Therapeutic cloning, where to now?, Françoise Shenfield and Claude Babinet

    Part II: Intended parents

    To be or not to be ... a parent after one’s death, Gulam Bahadur

    International parenthood via procreative tourism, Guido Pennings

    Risking parenthood? Serious viral illness, parenting and the welfare of the child, Carole Gillan-Smith

    Part III: The Children and Society

    The welfare of the child, whose interest?, Françoise Shenfield

    New law, old law, no law or bad law? What is best?, Claude Sureau and Françoise Shenfield

    A modern Islamic view of ethical issues in ART, Gamal Serour

    Conclusion, Françoise Shenfield and Claude Sureau


    Francoise Shenfield (Edited by) , Claude Sureau (Edited by)