1st Edition

Contemporary Issues in Perinatal Education Knowledge into Practice

Edited By Mary Nolan, Shona Gore Copyright 2023
    290 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    290 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Providing essential knowledge and understanding that midwives, health visitors, nursery nurses and lay birth and early parenting educators need to deliver effective and evidence-based education to all new parents and families, this book explores key issues in perinatal education.

    Bringing together research and thinking around preconception and birth, infant sleep, nutrition, attachment and development, it also includes chapters on topics of growing importance, such as preconception education, LGBTQ+ parent education, the role of parenting advice, parent education across different cultures and teaching antenatal classes online. Each chapter includes a key knowledge update and pointers for practice.

    This wide-ranging and practical text is an important read for all those supporting new parents from pregnancy through the first 1000 days, especially those delivering antenatal care and birth and early parenting education.

    Part I: Preconception education

    Chapter 1: Preconception health, education and care: The earliest intervention

    Jonathan Sher

    Chapter 2: Improving health and well-being before, between and beyond pregnancy

    Sarah Verbiest and Erin K. McClain

    Chapter 3: Would you like to become pregnant in the next year? The key question® initiative in the United States

    Michele Stranger Hunter

    Chapter 4: Breastfeeding promotion in early learning settings

    Elizabeth Smith, Sarah Edwards, and Amy Bryson

    Part II: Building Parents’ Relationships with their Infants from Pregnancy Onwards

    Chapter 5- Stressed pre- birth? How the foetus is affected by a mother’s state of mind

    Graham Music

    Chapter 6: Commentary: Motherhood in conditions of war- Biological and psychological routs to infant development

    Raija-Leena Punamäki

    Chapter 7: Attachment: A play of closeness and distance

    Robin Balbernie

    Chapter 8: Just chatting with a baby is more than you might think

    Robin Balbernie

    Chapter 9: The musical key to babies’ cognitive and social development

    Graham F. Welch

    Chapter 10: "Daddy’s Funny!" Father’s playfulness with young children

    Jennifer St George and Richard Fletcher

    Chapter 11: Creative play spaces: Finding the space for play

    Frances Brett

    Chapter 12: Role of the parent-child attachment relationship

    Shauna L. Tominey, Svea G. Olsen, Megan M. McClelland and Katherine E. Smith

    Chapter 13: The transition to parenthood and early child development in families with LGBTQ+ parents

    Rachel H. Farr and Samantha L. Tornello

    Part III: Preparation for Labour and Birth

    Chapter 14: Commentary: A Mindful approach to childbirth education and preparation for childbirth

    Lorna Davies

    Chapter 15: Preparing women for homebirth

    Cathy Green

    Chapter 16: The power to transform: Freeing women’s instinctual potential for giving birth through body-centred preparation in pregnancy

    Janet Balaskas

    Part IV: Education and Support for Parents of Twins

    Chapter 17: Sleep patterns of twins

    Helen Ball

    Chapter 18: Breastfeeding twins

    Kathryn Stagg

    Chapter 19: Helping parents understand and navigate the twin bond

    Joan A. Friedman

    Part V: What parents need to know about sleeping, weaning, and the media

    Chapter 20: Infant sleep and feeding in evolutionary perspective

    Alanna E.F. Rudzik

    Chapter 21: Sleep in early childhood: The role of bedtime routines

    Angela D. Staples and Leah LaLonde

    Chapter 22: Food fussiness in early childhood: Assessment and management

    Gillian Harris

    Chapter 23: Weaning a baby onto a vegan diet

    Amanda Benham

    Chapter 24: A Relationship-based framework for early childhood media use

    Jenny S. Radesky and Katherine Rosenblum

    Part VI: The ‘How’ of education and supporting parents

    Chapter 25- Commentary: Tug of War- Could polarised parenting advice cause harm?

    Kathleen Hodkinson, Tara Acevedo, and Katrin Kristjansdottir

    Chapter 26: Exploring the application (or use) of educational theory in perinatal parenting through four theorists

    Shona Gore and Kay Cram

    Chapter 27: Group intervention to treat fear of childbirth with psycho-education and relaxation exercises

    Riikka Airo, Terhi Saisto, and Hanna Rouhe

    Chapter 28: Commentary- parenting programmes are not culturally relevant to many communities

    Hanan Hussein, Kathryn Thomson and Kathleen Roche-Nagi

    Chapter 29: Approachable parenting: The five pillars of parenting pregnancy and beyond programme for Muslim families

    Kathleen Roche-Nagi and Yasmin Shikara

    Chapter 30: Heteronormative obstacles in regular antenatal education and the benefits of LGBTQ certified options: Experiences among prospective LGBTQ parents in Sweden

    Anna Malmquist and Sofia Klittmark

    Chapter 31: A psychodynamic approach to working with pregnant teenagers and young parents

    Hen Otley

    Chapter 32: Fathers prenatal relationships with ‘their’ baby and ‘her’ pregnancy- implications for antenatal education

    Richard Fletcher, Chris May and Jennifer St George

    Chapter 33: Tips for facilitating antenatal education online

    Helen Knight and Isabelle Karimov,


    Mary Nolan is well known for her work in perinatal education. She has published numerous articles and several books in the field, the most recent being Parent Education for the Critical 1000 Days. She has been Professor of Perinatal Education at the University of Worcester for 15 years and Honorary Professor at Nottingham University for 10 years. Prior to her University appointment, she worked as a birth and early parenting educator and trainer across the UK and in France, Belgium, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. In 2013, she was one of the founders of the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education and its first Editor-in-Chief.

    Shona Gore has facilitated antenatal and perinatal courses in the UK for those in the transition to parenthood during a 30-year career in childbirth education, relationship and birth education in schools (including for children with special learning needs) and workshops in adult education for NHS and Early Years’ Practitioners. In association with the Universities of Bedfordshire and Worcester, she has devised and taught courses to train NCT practitioners from entrance to degree level. In 2013, with Mary Nolan (Editor-in-Chief), she founded the International Journal of Birth and Parent Education.