1st Edition

Contemporary Issues in Regional Planning

By John Glasson Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: Regional planning and government in the UK is undergoing a period of tremendous activity, with a wide range of new policies, innovative techniques and experiments being tested. This volume provides an overview of developments, describing and analyzing the legislative, political and economic contexts within which changes are occurring, and assessing the continuing difficulties that face planners and others operating in the new arrangements for regional planning

    List of Contributors, Acknowledgements, List of Abbreviations, PART I: INTRODUCTION, 1. Introduction, PART II: REGIONAL REALITIES AND REGIONAL INSTITUTIONS, 2. Thinking about the English Regions, 3. Scenarios for the Future of Regional Planning Within UK/EU Spatial Planning, 4. The Regional Agenda, Planning and Development in Scotland, 5. Government Offices for the Regions and Regional Planning, 6. Integrating Local and Central Concerns in the New Regional Landscape: Pipe Dream or Political Project?, PART III: THEMES AND TOPICS, 7. Regional Transport Strategies: Fond Hope or Serious Planning?, 8. Re-Shaping Regions, Re-Ordering Utilities: Competing Development Trajectories, 9. Promoting Sustainable Development through Regional Plans: The Role of the Environment Agency, 10. Regional Planning and the Environmental Dimension of Sustainable Development, PART IV: REGIONAL PLANNING - REGIONAL VARIATION, 11. Integrated Policy Development at the Regional Level - A Case Study of the East Midlands Integrated Regional Strategy, 12. Regional Planning in the West Midlands, 13. The South West - Lessons for the Future, 14. Regional Planning in South East England - A Case of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, PART V: CONCLUSIONS, 15. Some Interim Conclusions: Regional Planning Guidance and Regional Governance for the 21st Century


    Glasson, John