1st Edition

Contemporary Jungian Analysis Post-Jungian Perspectives from the Society of Analytical Psychology

Edited By Ian Alister, Christopher Hauke Copyright 1999

    Essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary psychotherapy, Contemporary Jungian Analysis, written by members of the Society of Analytical Psychology in London, covers the key concepts of Jungian analysis and therapy as it is practised today. Each chapter brings together two essays by different authors to give different perspectives on themes which are of common interest to psychotherapists of all persuasions. Topics include:
    * infancy
    * gender
    * transference
    * popular culture
    * assessment and pathology
    * dreams and active imagination
    * the training of the therapist
    * religious and spiritual issues.

    Introduction; 1: Infancy and Childhood, Research and Therapy; 1 1_1: Fordham's Developments of Jung in the Context of Infancy and Childhood; 1 1_2: Infant Observation and Countertransference; 2: The Body-Self Relationship; 2 2_1: The Body-Self Relationship; 2 2_2: Emerging Mind from Matter; 3: Patient and Analyst; 3 3_1: The Intersubjective Nature of Analysis; 3 3_2: Transference and Countertransference; 4: Training and Supervision; 4 4_1: Training in Adult Analysis at the Society of Analytical Psychology; 4 4_2: Training; 5: Assessment, Diagnosis and Psychopathology; 5 5_1: Tricky Beginnings; 5 5_2: Reflections on Assessment at the C.G. Jung Clinic; 6: Dreams and Active Imagination; 6 6_1: A Jungian's Approach to Dreams; 6 6_2: Active Imagination; 7: Religion and Spirituality; 7 7_1: Processes of Transformation; 7 7_2: ‘God Could Be Something Terrible'; 8: Gender and Sexuality; 8 8_1: The Collective Unconscious and Primordial Influences in Gender Identity; 8 8_2: Contrasexuality and the Unknown Soul; 9: Myth and Fairy Tales; 9 9_1: The Psychological Use of Fairy Tales; 10: The Creative Interface with Culture; 10 10_1: Popular Culture; 10 10_2: Pattern; 11: Social Issues; 11 11_1: Slimming Down; 11 11_2: Individuation in the Age of Uncertainty; 12: Contemporary Overview of Jungian Perspectives; 12 12_1: What Do I Mean by Identity?; 12 12_2: Jung, Modernity and Postmodern Psychology


    Ian Alister, Christopher Hauke

    'This book is stylishly edited - the content arranged so that each subject of enquiry has two essay which address it from divergent viewpoints.' - PRG Newsletter