1st Edition

Contemporary Male Sexuality Confronting Myths and Promoting Change

By Barry McCarthy, Emily McCarthy Copyright 2021
    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    This accessible guide confronts myths and pressures surrounding men and sex, promoting a positive and healthy model of male sexuality that replaces traditional expectations.

    The chapters in this book engage with cultural assumptions about male sexuality, from harmful early messaging, to the importance of enjoying intimacy, pleasure, and eroticism over the age of 60. The authors challenge the effects of toxic masculinity and traditional gendered roles in sex, celebrating sexual diversity, confronting double standards, and empowering men and couples to develop an equitable sexual bond. Case studies and psychosexual skill exercises are integrated throughout to make each concept personal and concrete, and incorporate the Good Enough Sex (GES) model to promote an authentic sexual self throughout the lifespan.

    With a focus on mutual consent and pleasure, Contemporary Male Sexuality offers a new model of male sexuality that helps men and couples achieve a satisfying, secure, and sexual bond, replacing damaging expectations with healthy sexual values.

    1. Men are not Simple: Promoting Male and Couple Sexuality  2. The Sexual War Between Men and Women: Changing the Dialogue  3. Confronting Contemporary Male Sexuality: Breaking the Abusive Cycle  4. Female-Male Sexual Equity: Confronting the Double Standard  5. The Sexual Development of Boys and Adolescents: Healthy and Unhealthy Learnings  6. Young Adult Sexuality: Time for Change  7. The New Sexual Mantra: Desire/Pleasure/ Eroticism/ Satisfaction  8. Adult Sexuality: A New Model of Masculinity  9. Desire: The Core of Sexuality  10. Integrating Intimacy, Pleasuring, and Eroticism: Broad-Based Sexuality  11. Developing Your Couple Sexual Style: The Autonomy/Couple Balance  12. Good Enough Sex (GES) - Positive, Realistic Expectations  13. Male Sexuality in Your 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s: Being a Wise Man  14. Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction: PE, ED, HSDD, and Ejaculatory Inhibition  15. Variant Arousal: What Fits Your Relationship  16. Gay Men are First Class: Validating Sexual Diversity  17. Monogamy vs. Consensual Non-Monogamy: Developing a Genuine Commitment  18. Creating and Maintaining a Satisfying, Secure, and Sexual Bond


    Barry McCarthy and Emily McCarthy are a writing team. Barry is a professor emeritus of psychology, a diplomate in clinical psychology, a diplomate in sex therapy, and a certified couple therapist. He has authored 120 professional articles, 33 book chapters, and 22 books. In addition, Barry has presented 450 professional workshops nationally and internationally. He received the Masters and Johnson award for lifetime contributions to the sex therapy field. Emily McCarthy received a B.S. degree in speech communication. Her writing and wisdom provides a balanced, humanistic perspective to issues of male and couple sexuality. This is their fifteenth co-authored book.

    "Barry and Emily McCarthy continue to produce high-quality, highly relevant, and extremely readable books that can be enjoyed by professional and lay readers alike. In their most recent collaboration, they address the complexities of male sexuality. Male sexuality is often misunderstood as being simple, straightforward, and unsophisticated. The authors quickly debunk that myth and recognize that male sexuality is every bit as complex and nuanced as female sexuality. With beautifully presented case studies, as well as thoughtfully designed behavioral exercises, the McCarthys have given us a book that will not only make men better men, but also make them better relationship partners. I am certain to recommend this book to many, many of my patients."Daniel N. Watter, Ed.D., past president, The Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR).

    "Contemporary Male Sexuality is well written and with very clear and direct messages which are easy to understand. This will be a very valuable contribution to a new model of male sexuality from two of the most preeminent and prolific authors in the history of sex therapy."Pedro Nobre, professor of psychology, Porto University, Portugal; president of the World Association for Sexual Health

    "I am pleased to have the opportunity to endorse this insightful and timely book by Barry and Emily McCarthy. In an era of changing sex roles and sexual polemics, the McCarthys offer a clear perspective and guidepost for couples. They emphasize  that  male and female sexuality are both complex and that both sexes are more similar than dissimilar. The goal should be empower both members in a relationship  to develop their mutual manner of sharing intimacy and to celebrate their uniqueness as individuals and as a couple. This is the fifteenth book co-authored by the McCarthys and written for the general public. In my opinion, this text is their best."R. Taylor Segraves, MD, editor, Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy


    "This timely book belongs on every mental health professional’s shelf, as it adds important knowledge and perspective, yet is written in a style accessible to the general public. Emily and Barry McCarthy identify the dangers of toxic male behavior and attitudes, yet sensitively express how male sexuality is more complex and nuanced than portrayed in the media; emphasizing that males do not belong on a pedestal nor should they be shamed. The McCarthys offer both a solution and a pathway to it, utilizing their models of female-male sexual equity and Good Enough Sex (GES), that promote acceptance and valuing male and couple sexuality."  – Michael A. Perelman, PhD, co-director, Human Sexuality Program and clinical professor emeritus of psychology in psychiatry,Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian


    "The dynamic duo of Barry and Emily McCarthy have written another blockbuster presenting their vision for transforming the manner in which men, women and couples think about and engage in lovemaking. While this volume focuses on men’s sexuality, be they young or old, gay, straight or unconventional, it goes beyond the man and stresses the importance of the partner and the relationship. There are chapters on sexual desire, erection, ejaculatory disorders, sexual orientation, compulsive sexual behaviors, fetishes and affairs describing the McCarthys’ unique vision on these distressing issues and varied solutions as to how they might be resolved.

    Mythbusters, Barry and Emily McCarthy rip apart the destructive influence on boys and men regarding traditional sex roles and sexual expectations in the Western world and how these destructive influences lead to sexual and relationship dysfunction. Each chapter is filled with scientific information on the development of sexual and relationship problems, alternative solutions to these difficulties as well as case illustrations and recommended exercises for men to gain a deeper understanding of the issues. This is definitely a book I would use with patients in my clinical practice to augment our therapy sessions."Stanley E. Althof, PhD, executive director, Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida; professor emeritus, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.