1st Edition

Contemporary New Confucianism

    696 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This two-volume set is a seminal work on contemporary New Confucianism in China, focusing on ten leading thinkers of this intellectual movement in the 20th century, discussing their divergences in thought and contemporary relevance.

    Contemporary New Confucianism refers to the Confucianism or Confucian thought that has emerged in China since the 1920s, which aims to revive the spirituality of Confucianism in a changing society. The first volume reviews the development of this intellectual trend and analyzes the cultural context, logical approach, major themes, and problems of New Confucianism before delving into individual thinkers. It then examines and compares the philosophical thoughts of four key figures of contemporary New Confucianism, including Liang Shumin, Xiong Shili, Ma Yifu, Qian Mu. The second volume focuses on six other representative philosophers of New Confucianism, including Zhang Junmai, Feng Youlan, He Lin, Fang Dongmei, Tang Junyi, and Mou Zongsan.

    This set will appeal to scholars and students of modern and contemporary Confucianism, intellectual history, philosophy and thought of contemporary China, and comparative philosophy.

    Volume 1:  1. Background and Trend of Modern and Contemporary Neo-Confucianism  2. Lang Shuming (梁漱溟)'s Cultural Philosophy  3. Xiong Shili (熊十力)'s Ontological Philosophy  4. Ma Yifu (马一浮)'s Theory of Heart-mind and Nature (Xinxing 心性) and Theory of Six Arts (liuyi Lun 六艺论)  5. Qian Mu (钱穆)'s Historical and Cultural Thoughts Volume 2:  1. Zhang Junmai (张君劢)'s Philosophical System  2. Feng Youlan (冯友兰)'s New Principle Learning (Xinlixue 新理学) and History of Philosophy  3. He Lin (贺麟)'s Mind-only Idealism (理想唯心论)  4. Fang Dongmei (方东美)'s Comparative Philosophy  5. Tang Junyi (唐君毅)'s Cultural Philosophy  6. Mou Zongsan (牟宗三)'s Philosophical System


    Qiyong Guo is Professor of Philosophy at Wuhan University, China. He specializes in the history of Chinese philosophy and Confucian philosophy.