1st Edition

Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure Meanings, Motives and Lifelong Learning

Edited By Sam Elkington, Sean Gammon Copyright 2014
    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    304 Pages
    by Routledge

    We are entering a new era of leisure. Quality rather than quantity is now the focus of researchers, policymakers and managers. Technological change, an ageing population and a harsh economic climate are changing the values and practices of leisure, as well as the relationship between leisure, society and the individual.

    Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure uses a variety of disciplinary approaches to introduce the most important trends in contemporary leisure in the Twenty-First Century. With contributions from some of the leading international figures in modern leisure studies, the book examines key philosophical and theoretical debates around leisure, with reference to concepts such as happiness, enjoyment and quality of life, as well as the most interesting contemporary themes in leisure studies, from youth leisure and ‘dark’ leisure to technology and adventure.

    Understanding changes in leisure helps us to better understand changes in wider society. Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure is a perfect companion to any course in leisure studies, and useful reading for any student or scholar working in sociology, cultural studies, recreation, tourism, sport, or social psychology.

    Part 1: Meanings  Ch 1. Leisure in the Laboratory and Other Strange Notions: Psychological Research on the Subjective Nature of Leisure - Roger Mannell  Ch 2. Escape from time: Experience the travel within - Pete McGrath  Ch 3. Leisure, Happiness and Positive Lifestyle - Robert A. Stebbins  Ch 4. Leisure, Life, Enjoyment and Well-Being - John Howarth  Ch 5. Deviance, Dark Tourism and ‘Dark Leisure’: Towards a (re)configuration of morality and the taboo in secular society - Phil Stone and Richard Sharpley  Part 2: Motives  Ch 6. The Unsustainability of Leisure: The Sustainability of Just Leisure - Karla Henderson  Ch 7. Playing In The Great Outdoors: Risk and Adventure Activities In The Twenty-first Century - Paul Beedie  Ch 8. Sites of Serious Leisure: Acting Up In Space and Place - Sam Elkington  Ch 9. I am what I pretend to be: Performance and Deception in Leisure - Sean Gammon  Ch 10. The Technological Mediation of Leisure in Contemporary Society - Jo Bryce  Ch 11. How Not to Take the Fun out of Everything: Facilitating Volunteering and Leisure - Steven Howlett  Ch 12. Youth and Leisure Experiences: Youth cultures and social change in Britain since the early-20th century - Ken Roberts  Part 3: Learning  Ch 13. Reflective Leisure, Freedom and Identity - Hayden Ramsey  Ch 14. The Comprehensive Leisure Participation Framework: Theoretical Foundation, Cross-Cultural Variation, and Practical Implications - Gordon Walker  Ch 15. Leisure, Identities and Personal Growth - Scott Cohen  Ch 16. Models of Teaching in Leisure Education - Sam Elkington and Mike Watkins Ch 17. To Boldly Go … Tales From a Leisurist - Lesley Lawrence


    Sam Elkington is a senior lecturer in Sport Management and a teaching fellow at the University of Bedfordshire, UK. His research reflects his interests in phenomenology and pedagogy, namely, the social psychological dimensions of sport and leisure experiences and the nature, policy and practice of sport and leisure education.

    Sean J. Gammon is based in the School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors at the University of Lancashire, UK. He is widely published in the area of sport-related tourism and continues to explore the linkages between sport, nostalgia and heritage. In addition he has researched the effectiveness of applying autotelic structures in the delivery of higher education courses to improve student creativity.