1st Edition

Contemporary Phenomenologies of Normativity Norms, Goals, and Values

Edited By Sara Heinämaa, Mirja Hartimo, Ilpo Hirvonen Copyright 2022
    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume investigates forms of normativity through the phenomenological methods of description, analysis, and interpretation. It takes a broad approach to norms, covering not only rules and commands but also goals, values, and passive drives and tendencies.

    Part I "Basic Perspectives" begins with an overview of the phenomena of normativity and then clarifies the constitution of norms by Husserlian and Heideggerian concepts. It offers phenomenological alternatives to the neo-Kantian and neo-Hegelian approaches that dominate contemporary debates on the "sources of normativity." Part II "From Perception to Imagination" turns to the normativity of three basic types of experiences. This part first sheds light on the normativity of perception and then illuminates the kind of normativity characteristic of imagination and drive intentionality. Part III "Social Dimensions" analyzes the norms that regulate the formation of practical communities. It takes a broad view of practical norms, discussing social and moral norms as well as the epistemic norms of scientific practices. By clarifying the divergences and interrelations between various types and levels of norms, the volume demonstrates that normativity is not one phenomenon but a complex set of various phenomena with multiple sources.

    Contemporary Phenomenologies of Normativity: Norms, Goals, and Values will be of interest to researchers and advanced students working on issues of normativity in phenomenology, epistemology, ethics, and social philosophy.


    Sara Heinämaa, Mirja Hartimo, and Ilpo Hirvonen

    I. Basic Perspectives

    1. Varieties of Normativity: Norms, Goals, Values

    Sara Heinämaa

    2. Methodological Atheism: An Essay in the Second-Person Phenomenology of Commitment

    Steven Crowell

    3. What Is Moral Normativity? A Phenomenological Critique and Redirection of Korsgaard’s Normative Question

    Fredrik Westerlund

    4. Husserl on Specifically Normative Concepts

    Andrea Staiti

    II. From Perception to Imagination

    5. On the Phenomenology and Normativity of Multisensory Perception: Husserlian and Merleau-Pontian Analyses

    Maxime Doyon

    6. Normativity in Perception

    Frode Kjosavik

    7. The Role of Instincts in Husserl’s Account of Reason

    Julia Jansen

    8. The Normativity of the Imagination: Its Critical Import

    Smaranda Aldea

    III. Social Dimensions

    9. "Feckless Prisoners of Their Times": Historicism and Moral Reflection

    David R. Cerbone

    10. (Re)turning to Normality? A Bottom-Up Approach to Normativity

    Maren Wehrle

    11. Phenomenology of Culture and Cultural Norms

    Timo Miettinen

    12. Epistemic Norms and Their Phenomenological Critique

    Mirja Hartimo


    Sara Heinämaa is Academy Professor (2017–2021) and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

    Mirja Hartimo is Senior Researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

    Ilpo Hirvonen is a Doctoral Student of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki, Finland.