1st Edition

Contending Perspectives on Global Governance Coherence and Contestation

Edited By Alice D. Ba, Matthew J. Hoffmann Copyright 2006
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    292 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Global governance is fast becoming a ubiquitous phrase, succeeding globalization as the latest buzz term. But exactly what does it mean? 

    For many scholars and policymakers the term captures important aspects of world politics. This unique volume delivers and compares the key perspectives of the leading thinkers in the area, equipping the reader with an excellent understanding of the debate now defining and mapping the future of this term.

    This comparative approach is underpinned by a lucid theoretical framework which guides the reader towards building a clear sense of the debate and its complexities. A wide range of empirical issues are covered, including those of Security, International Political Economy, Environment, Human Rights, Social Movements and Regulation.

    Including theorists of social constructivism, liberal imperialism and realism, this is an essential book for students and scholars which stimulates discussion and presents a fully rounded picture of global governance.

    Preface and Acknowledgements  List of Contributors  1. Introduction: Coherence and Contestation Part I: Confronting Global Governance with Established Perspectives  2. Realist Global Governance: Revisiting Cave! hic dragones and Beyond  3. Global Governance, Class, Hegemony: A Historical Materialist Perspective  4. Global Governance and Hegemony in the Modern World System  5. Global Governance: An English School Perspective  6. Regime Theory and the Quest for Global Governance  7. What’s Global about Global Governance? A Constructivist Account Part II: Global Governance as Catalyst for New Perspectives  8. Global Governance as Disaggregated Complexity  9. The European Human Rights Regime as a Case Study in the Emergence of Global Governance  10. A Private Authority Perspective on Global Governance  11. Contested Spaces: The Politics of Regional and Global Governance  12. Global Civil Society and Global Governance  13. Liberal Imperialism as Global Governance Perspective  14. Contending Perspectives on Global Governance: Dialogue and Debate  List of Figures:  3.1 Paradigmatic Scales of Operation of Capital and Hegemonic Concepts of Control in Modern Capitalism  4.1 Evolutionary Patterns of World Capitalism  4.2 The Dynamics of Hegemonic Transitions  List of Tables


    Alice D. Ba, Matthew J. Hoffmann