1st Edition

Content Preparation Guidelines for the Web and Information Appliances Cross-Cultural Comparisons

    192 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Content preparation is an integral part of the usability equation: it answers the question of what information is needed for effective decision making. Once content preparation has been established, the question "how to present what" can be answered. Content Preparation Guidelines for the Web and Information Appliances: Cross-Cultural Comparisons provides a theoretical foundation and operational tools to effectively prepare content so that users are able to make correct decisions regarding the purchase of goods and services.

    Traditionally, human aspects of computing have been assessed by usability evaluation methods, which determine how well the system is designed for joyful, satisfying, and productive use. But, effectively designing the how without providing a solid foundation for designing the what can not result in effective web and information appliance-based operations. This book presents a review and reappraisal of the science base of content preparation and descriptions of four major studies on content preparation involving more than 1,200 participants. Based on these studies, it establishes a factor structure of content preparation and relative importance of each factor in effective decision making and concludes with guidelines for the design of content for a variety of populations.

    Unlike previous publications in usability that have predominantly concentrated on how to present information, this book focuses on what information should be presented and the information appliances for different cultures. With a cross-cultural comparison and a review of fundamental theories, the book not only answers the question of what information needs to be presented for effective decision making, but also addresses the impact of culture on content usability.

    An Overview of Content Knowledge

    Individual Factors

    Design of Tasks and Jobs

    Human Decision Making

    Content Preparation

    Background Literature


    Content Preparation for the World Wide Web and Information Appliances

    Cultural Differences


    Factor Structure of Content Preparation


    Study 1: Factor Structure of Content Preparation Based on American Population—African and Caucasian Americans

    Study 2: Factor Structure of Content Preparation for E-Commerce Web Sites Based on Chinese Industrial Population

    Study 3: Factor Structure of Content Preparation for E-Commerce Web Sites Based on American and Chinese College Students

    Study 4: Factor Structure of Content Preparation for Information Appliances Based on Chinese Population

    General Factor Structure

    Cross-Cultural Comparison of Content Preparation


    Cross-Cultural Comparisons

    Guidelines for Content Preparation


    Content Preparation Guidelines

    Appendix A: Content Usability Survey for Study 1

    Appendix B: Content Preparation Questionnaire for Study 2

    Appendix C: Web-Based Survey of Content Information on E-Commerce Web Sites for Study 3

    Appendix D: Content Preparation Questionnaire for Information Appliances for Study 4




    Huafei Liao, Yinni Guo, April Savoy, Gavriel Salvendy

    "... the authors’ work really shines in its part-by-part breakdown of what U.S. versus Chinese users like to see when considering the purchase of an electronic product ... Practitioners will enjoy the clear, practical advice on making product descriptions and c-commerce Web sites culturally appropriate, while academics will appreciate the solid methodology and use of theory to arrive at useful advice for constructing these sites."
    —  Nicole St. Germaine-McDaniel in Technical Communication • Volume 58, Number 2, May 2011