2nd Edition

Content Rights for Creative Professionals Copyrights & Trademarks in a Digital Age

Edited By Arnold Lutzker Copyright 2003

    Content Rights for Creative Professionals is for professionals and students working in all areas of media (film/video, photography, multimedia, web, graphics, and broadcast) who need to know what the law requires and how they should properly utilize copyrights and trademarks. This book outlines critical concepts and applies them with explanations in real-life applications, including many cases from the author's own practice as well as those of various media professionals.

    This 256 page text is a practical guide designed to provide its reader with a firm understanding of the principles underlying the ownership and use of content, so that when questions arise, they will be able to make correct, well-informed decisions-whether concerning their personal works, or works of others that a company wishes to copyright or trademark. In addition, the reader will be more capable of exercising sound judgment in structuring employment and contract relationships and of acquiring and/or licensing works, which are at the core of the business of communicating.

    Copyright; Trademarks; The Internet; Work for Hire; Content and Broadcasting; Content and Cable, Satellite, and Telephone Industries; Free Lancing; Trade Secrets and Patents; Case Studies; Glossary of Terms; Tips; Checklists; Forms


    Before starting his own firm, Lutzker & Lutzker, Arnold Lutzker was a partner in the Washington, DC office of one of the nation's largest intellectual property law firms, Fish and Richardson. He has practiced copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and entertainment law for twenty-five years. His clientele includes individuals, companies, and associations in the media, software and hardware, program production, telephony, and education. He has published many articles related to copyright and trademark in leading legal journals, has spoken at trade conferences, and authored the video, "Copyright: The Internet, Multimedia and the Law".

    "Creative professionals and students who read this book will gain a vaulable foundation in media law that will serve them throughout their career. It's definitely a "must have" for anyone who creates content for profit." - Timothy Allen, creativecow.com

    "The hard part of writing a book on intellectual property and publishing law is figuring out who the target audience is. Is it individual artists (authors, illustrators, photographers), managers in companies, or lawyers? There is a lot of value for all these readers in...Content Rights." - John B. McHugh, TechnicalCommunication

    "It is authoritative, easy to read, and well illustrated, and covers all the important intellectual property topics..." - John B. McHugh, TechnicalCommunication

    "Lutzker writes about copyright issues with the wit and intelligence and clarity that you would expect from a top American copyright lawyer...The book is clearly and logically laid out...with very nice use of flowcharts and bullet points to ease understanding of the sometimes complex ideas and concepts contained within." - Focus