1st Edition

Continuous Casting of Steel

By W.R. Irving Copyright 1994
    220 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This monograph on the continuous casting of steel has been produced at the request of the Institute of Materials with the aim of providing university professionals and students, those already working in the steel industry and steel plant suppliers in related activities, with a concise account of the engineering, process and product technology of the continuous casting of steel and how this has been developed over recent years. is one of the series of monographs published by the Institute and particularly compliments a similar publication on the casting of aluminium. It covers the historical development of the process and the supply of liquid steel to the machine and describes in detail the various components of the main types of machines for the casting of billets, blooms and slabs respectively.

    1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Historical background 1.2 Description of the Continuous Casting Process and the Evolution of Machine Design 1.3 Advantages of Continuous Casting over Ingot Casting 2 LIQUID STEEL SUPPLY 2.1 General details 2.2 Compositional Control 2.3 Temperature Control in Ladle and Tundish 2.4 Tundish Technology 2.5 Ladle to Tundish Teeming 2.6 Tundish to Mould Teeming 3 MACHINE COMPONENTS, HEAT TRANSFER AND STRAND SOLIDIFICATION, 3.1 Mould Technology 3.2 Strand Support Systems and Secondary Cooling 3.3 Strand Straightening and Strand Withdrawal 3.4 Computer Simulation Models 4 PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS AND FACTORS AFFECTING AS-CAST QUALITY 4.1 Categorisation of Final Products and the As-cast 4.2 Affect of Chemical, Process and Engineering Parameters on Surface Defects 4.3 Effect of Chemical, Process and Engineering Parameters on Internal Quality 4.4 Geometrical Defects 5 SPECIAL PROCESSES AND EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES 5.1 Horizontal Casting 5.2 Beam Blank Casting 5.3 Thin Slab Casting 5.4 Strip Casting 6 PROCESS CONTROL AND ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT 6.1 Automatic On-line Process Control Systems Continuous Casting of Steel 6.2 On-Line Monitoring Systems 6.3 Off-Line Measuring


    W.R. Irving is a physicist by profession and joined the steel industry in 1964 at the Research laboratories of Richard Thomas and Baldwins where he carried out his first research on continuous casting on the vertical slab caster at Penteg works.