1st Edition

Continuous-Time Active Filter Design

By T. Deliyannis, Yichuang Sun, J.K. Fidler Copyright 1998
    462 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book presents the design of active RC filters in continuous time.
    Topics include:

  • filter fundamentals
  • active elements
  • realization of functions using opamps
  • LC ladder filters
  • operational transconductance amplifier circuits (OTACs)
  • MOSFET-C filters
    Continuous-Time Active Filter Design uses wave variables to enable the reader to better understand the introduction of more complex variables created through linear transformations of voltages and currents.
    Intended for undergraduate students in electrical engineering, Continuous-Time Active Filter Design provides chapters as self-contained units, including introductory material leading to active RC filters.
  • Fundamentals
    Filter Characterization
    Types of Filters
    Steps in Filter Design
    Continuous-Time Filter Functions
    Passivity for One- and Two-Port Networks
    The Approximation Problem
    Filter Specifications and Permitted Functions
    Formulation of the Approximation Problem
    Approximation to the Ideal Lowpass Filter
    Filters with Linear Phase: Delays
    Bessel-Thomson Delay Approximation
    Delay Equalization
    Frequency Transformations
    Design Tables of Passive LC Ladder Filters
    Impedance Scaling
    Active Elements
    Ideal Controlled Sources
    Impedance Transformation (Generalized Impedance Converters and Inverters)
    Negative Resistance
    Ideal Operational Amplifier
    The Ideal Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA)
    Realization of 1st- and 2nd-Order Functions Using Opamps
    Realization of 1st-Order Functions
    The General 2nd-Order Filter Function
    Sensitivity of 2nd-Order Filters
    Realization of Biquadratic Functions Using SABs
    Realization of a Quadratic with a Positive Real Zero
    Biquads Obtained Using the Twin-Tee RC Network
    Two Opamp Biquads
    Three Opamp Biquads
    Realization of High-Order Functions Using Opamps
    Selection Criteria for High-Order Function Realizations
    Mutliparameter Sensitivity
    High-Order Function Realization Methods
    Cascade Connection of 2nd-Order Sections
    Mutli-Loop Feedback Filters
    Cascade of Biquartics
    Simulation of LC Ladder Filters Using Opamps
    Resistively Terminated Lossless LC ladder Filters
    Methods of LC Ladder Filter Simulation
    The Gyrator
    Generalized Impedance Converter
    FDNRs; Complex Impedance Scaling
    Functional Simulation
    Wave Active Filters
    Wave Active Filters
    Wave Active Equivalents (WAE)
    Economical Wave Active Filters
    Sensitivity of WAFs
    Operation of WAFs at Higher Frequencies
    Complementary Transfer Functions
    Wave Simulation of Inductance
    Linear Transformation Active Filters (LTA Filters)


    T. Deliyannis, Yichuang Sun, J.K. Fidler

    "…Deliyannis, Sun, and Fidler present a comprehensive treatment highighting the most important new developments and focus on practical modern circuit implementations."
    -CHOICE, June 1999