538 Pages 86 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    538 Pages 86 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This fully updated second edition of Contract Law is engaging and accessible, and aimed at students on core LLB and GDL courses. Combining comprehensive coverage of the curriculum with carefully developed pedagogical tools, the authors help students build their knowledge, gain an enhanced understanding of how the law works and develop their ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in assessment situations.

    The Routledge Spotlights series brings a modern, contemporary approach to the core curriculum for the LLB and GDL, which will help students:

    • move beyond an understanding of the law;
    • refine and develop the key skills of problem-solving, evaluation and critical reasoning;
    • discover sources and suggestions for taking your study further.

    By focusing on recent case law and real-world examples, Routledge Spotlights will help you shed light on the law, understand how it operates in practice, and gain a unique appreciation of the contemporary context of the subject.

    Chapter 1: Introduction to the law of contract

    Chapter 2: Formation of a contract

    Chapter 3: Consideration

    Chapter 4: Intention to create legal relations, capacity, and form

    Chapter 5: Terms of a contract

    Chapter 6: Exclusion clauses and unfair terms

    Chapter 7: Illegal and unenforceable contracts

    Chapter 8: Misrepresentation

    Chapter 9: Mistake

    Chapter 10: Duress and undue influence

    Chapter 11: Discharge of contract (1)

    Chapter 12: Discharge of contract (2)

    Chapter 13: Remedies (1)

    Chapter 14: Remedies (2)

    Chapter 15: Third parties


    Tracey Cooper is an associate professor and Director of Educational and Professional Development in the Law School at Birmingham City University.

    Dr. Ewan Kirk is a senior lecturer in law and the LLB Course Director at Birmingham City University.