1st Edition

Contracts and International Project Management

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ISBN 9789058093240
Published January 1, 2000 by CRC Press

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Book Description

Project Management has, as one of its essential ingredients, development, use, administration and management of contract. On any significant project here will be many players and stakeholders contractually linked. It is essential therefore that all project personnel be aware of contract matters. The difficulty with this for project personnel in the past, however, has been in finding a systematic and comprehensive coverage of contractual matters in the literature, written at an understandable lever. This book goes toward filling this void.

This book focuses on the important issues of whether to contract out (outsource) work or do it in-house, on the numerous contractual payment options including bonuses and penalties, and on the delivery method or contractual relationships between project participants. This is provided in an international context, where project management takes on an added dimension related to differing practices and customs between countries.

Numerous case studies and exercises are given to promote the understanding of the contractual and project management issues covered.

Table of Contents


2.1 Introduction
2.2 In-house approach
2.3 Outsourcing - Contract approach
2.4 Public sector and private sector work
2.5 Case studies
2.5.1 Case study - Road construction
2.5.2 Case study - Contractor decisions on outsourcing
2.5.3 Case study - Outsourcing coal mining
2.5.4 Case study - Local government practices
2.6 Exercises

3.1 Introduction
3 2 Outline
3.3 Fixed price contracts
3.3.1 Lump sum contracts
3.3.2 Schedule of rates contracts
3.3.3 Guaranteed maximum price (CMP) contracts
3.4 Prime cost contracts
3.5 Incentives/disincentives
3.6 Choice of contract (payment) type
3.7 Case studies
3.7.1 Case study - Sewer reticulation project
3.7.2 Case study - Substation dismantling project
3.7.3 Case study - Building excavation contract
3.7.4 Case study - Redevelopment of a large city park
3.7.5 Case study - Construction of a shopping centre
3-7.6 Case study - A contractor's business
3.1 .1 Case study - Local government – flooding and drainage
3.8 Exercises

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Outsourcing options
4.2.1 Case study - Contaminated sites
4.3 Traditional
4.3.1 Case study - House construction
4.3.2 Case study - Road construction
4.4 Design-and-construction
4.4.1 Detail design-and-construction
4.4.2 Design-and-construction
4.4.3 Case study - Hospital project
4.4.4 Case study - Road building projects
4.4.5 Managing contractor
4.5 Novation
4.5.1 Case study - One company's experiences in the building industry
4.5.2 Case study - Stormwater retention basin
4.6 Design-construct-and-maintain
4.7 Project management
4.7.1 Alternative configurations
4.7.2 Case study - Can-making
4.8 Design and management
4.9 Construction management
4.9.1 Alternative configurations
4.9.2 Case study - Instrumentation project
4.9.3 Case study - Owner-builder
4.10 Concessional methods
4.10.1 Case study - Water treatment project/plant
4.10.2 Case study - Housing village
4.11 Fast-track
4.11.1 Case study - lnfrastructure project
4.11.2 Case study - Internal upgrade project
4.12 Single or multiple contracts
4.12.1 Bundling

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