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Control Engineering and Information Systems
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Control Engineering and Information Systems (ICCEIS 2014, Yueyang, Hunan, China, 20-22 June 2014).

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Zhijing Liu

ISBN 9781138026858
Published December 8, 2014 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Control Engineering and Information Systems contains the papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Control Engineering and Information Systems (ICCEIS 2014, Yueyang, Hunan, China, 20-22 June 2014). All major aspects of the theory and applications of control engineering and information systems are addressed, including:

– Intelligent systems

– Teaching cases

– Pattern recognition

– Industry application

– Machine learning

– Systems science and systems engineering

– Data mining

– Optimization

– Business process management

– Evolution of public sector ICT

– IS economics

– IS security and privacy

– Personal data markets

– Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

– Database and system security

– Application of spatial information system

– Other related areas

Control Engineering and Information Systems provides a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers and academics in control engineering and information systems.

Table of Contents


Session 1: Automation and control engineering

Research on performance test technology of industry control network
J. Luo, S.H. Chen, Y.Q. Zhu & L. Wu

Design of antarctic astronomical telescope control system based on dsPIC30F
Z. Feng, H. Wang & X.L. Song

Design of anti-windup using internal model control and conditioning techniques
H.X. Li

The timing control technology for photoelectric theodolite based on dynamic compensation
Z. Jiang, H.Y. Liu, L.J. Zhang & J.C. Ma

Leader follower formation tracking control for multiple quadrotors
R. Abbas & Q.H. Wu

Least-square optimal tracking control of linear discrete systems with time-delays
J. Xie & Y.L. Liu

The stability of a safety system containing two redundant robots
X. Qiao, D. Ma, Y.X. Sha, G.C. Zhao & R. Guo

Application of stepping motor in cutting fixed-scale sheets
W.N. Han, L.W. Liu & P. Yu

Generalized Model Predictive Control
Y.C. Zhao

MIMO sliding mode for flightpath angle control during carrier landing
Q.D. Zhu, X. Meng & Z. Zhang

Pipeline robot and intelligent control method
Q.Y. Li, H.Q. Zhu & Z.F. Feng

Inverse optimal adaptive fault-tolerant attitude control for flexible spacecraft
H.H. Long & J.K. Zhao

Robust fuzzy-neural tracking control for robot manipulators
H.J. Rong, J. Yang & J.M. Bai

The statistics method of key parameters in network control system
L. Dong, J.H. Wang, H. Zhou & S.S. Gu

Network based dead-beat response control strategy of the heating stove control system
X.S. Huang & J.P. Jiang

The design of plant combustion control system
L.J. Hu, Y.J. Yang & B. Hai

Design of the specific analog module and the control logic based on FPGA
Z. Feng, M. Yang & X.F. Di

A defects classification method for aerospace measurement and control software
C. Ma, J.R. Li, C.L. Sun, J.D. Yang & Z.F. Zhou

An automatic control system of waiter robot
M.C. Meng, J.Y. Liu & Y.W. Liu

Fuzzy control and simulation of single inverted pendulum
Y.H. Huang, L. Zhang, P.P. Zhang, F.F. Ru & K.Q. Wang

Design of in-wheel motor PID controller based on artificial immune algorithm
L.Y. Lei, H. Ren, L.P. Liu, J.J. Xu & S. Wu

UAV flight controller design method based on genetic algorithm
Y.H. Li, M. Li, N. Zhang & H.G. Jia

HIL test platform for unmanned aerial vehicle flight control system
M. Li, L. Zhou, Y.H. Li & Z.Y. Luo

Studying for stabilization of singular large-scale linear control systems
S.L. Sun

Research on role-based access control model of fundamental spatial database system
X.Q. Yu, T. Zhang, P. Xu & L. Jiang

Decentralized adaptive tracking of nonlinear interconnected systems with quantized inputs
X.S. Xiao

Two guards min-sum algorithm in a scanning simple polygon
J. Zhang & Y.J. Li

Virtual instrument and neural network in application of grain moisture detection
J.M. Liu, Z.Z. Xu & D.H. Sun

Structure thermal design checking of solid rocket motor
L. Zhou, X.F. Han, W.H. Dong & H.G. Jia

Session 2: Signal and image processing

Study on multi-layered classification of image
Y. Wang, M. Yu, J.C. Chen & S.Z. Han

Improved differential coherent based bit synchronization algorithm for high-dynamic and weak GPS signal
X.S. Li & W. Guo

Image retrieval using morphology based Scale Invariant Feature Transform
W. Han, W.S. Shao & Z.Y. Yu

The design of video images segmentation system based on NiosII core
Z.P. Cui, Y.X. Qin & R. Hu

Lossless and progressive coding method for stereo images
S.G. Li

Target detection and decision fusion of multi-band SAR images
X.J. Liu, X.D. Wang & B. Chen

Fast SPIHT for satellite spectral image compression
C.X. Zhong

An advanced human motion image tracking algorithm of Gaussian model
H. Long & N. Huo

Image segmentation by cue integration and polar space transformation
M. Liu, X. Luo & W.S. Zheng

2-D maximum entropy threshold segmentation-based SIFT for image target matching
M. Zhou, X. Hong, Z.S. Tian & H.N. Dong

Shape detection based on Hough transform in images
W. Zhang

Application and research of vehicle image segmentation based on the improved snake model
L. Xu & X.C. Li

Digital color image encryption based on Chaos map
Y. Huang & S.L. He

Analysis of land use changes based on Landsat TM/ETM+ images
H.S. Chen & B. Xia

Iterative estimator of instantaneous frequency of multiple Linear Frequency Modulation signals
P.P. Yu & M.S. Ai

The digital signal calibration techniques for spectral reconstruction
B. Li & Q. Chen

Properties evaluation of signal synthesis using Fourier series and Walsh series
M. Sun

Air valve fault diagnosis of diesel engine based on acoustic signal analysis
S.H. Cao, D.Y. Ning & J.J. Xu

Study on acquisition algorithm of GNSS signal
F.Q. Gao, X.W. Gu & K. Zhang

The design and implement of adaptive speech enhancer
B.Y. Huang & P. Yang

A novel method of calculating the weight of Adaptive Side-Lobe Cancellation
N. Pang, P.J. Xu & H.Q. Mu

Key frame matching and dual direction Monte Carlo particle filter based video tooning
J.B. Song, J.L. Wan, L. Ye & Q. Zhang

PCA-SC based object recognition
W.G. Huang, C. Gu & Z.K. Zhu

A line spectrum estimation method of underwater target radiated noise
P. Yang & S.H. Chen

An algorithm for distinguishing the semantic objects in video
L. Zhang & C.S. Zhou

The video segmentation algorithm based on region selection
F.Q. Meng

A method for distinguishing and counting the persons from video
L. Zhang & J. Wang

Session 3: Communication and networking

Scalable QoS multicast provisioning in Wide-Sense Circuit tree
K.X. Huang, Y. Chen, C.L. Li & X.B. Zhang

Design of a wideband circularly polarization RFID reader antenna
B. Wang, X.J. Kong & L.J. Huang

Improved BP of 2-D PSD nonlinear error correction
H.H. Xiao & Y.M. Duan

Novel public key cryptosystem based on Chebyshev polynomials
P. Zhen, L.Q. Min & G. Zhao

Benchmarking openVPN bundle with private encryption algorithm
J. Chu, M. Chen, Z.J. Dai & Z.P. Shao

Research on combined modulation technique for Current Source Inverter
J. Bai, S.Q. Lu & J. Liu

Bi-directional detection MMSE algorithm in the LTE system
D.D. Yuan & R.H. Qiu

Virtual channel based aggregated multi-source multicast across backbone
Y. Chen, C.L. Li, K.X. Huang & X.B. Zhang

Optimal design of QR code encoding
Y.M. Qin, L. Chen, B.F. Chen & N. Lei

The task-assigning model of network attack and defense test based on human role
F. Zhou

Design of Android security reinforcement system for electric power mobile terminal
M. Chen, Z.P. Shao, J. Chu & Z.J. Dai

Deep-insight and fine-grained evaluation method of TCP performance in mobile networks
J.T. Luo, C.C. Xiang & R.R. Hu

Research and integration of a web-based distributed system
Y.G. Dai, T. Xu, J.S. Xiao & L.Q. Ou

Research on Wireless Power Transmission for fractionated spacecraft system—a review and some perspectives
Y. Cheng, X.Q. Cheng & Y. Zhao

Intelligent data acquisition system based on wireless PDA
X.W. Tao & Z.T. Fu

SDdwMDS: An improved distributed weighted multidimensional scaling algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
M. Zhao

A new kind of wireless sensor network model using cloud computing platform for information awareness
F. Zhang, C. Chen, H.B. Yang, H.T. Cai & J.L. Zhang

Research of virtual maintenance laboratory based on wireless network
T. Yuan & B. Shen

A self-repairable and secure data storage scheme in Unattended WSNs
W. Cheng, Y. Li, Y.M. Zhang & D. Li

College fixed assets management system based on RFID technology
Z.R. Li, Y. Hou & D.H. Sun

The AODV routing protocol performance analysis in cognitive Ad Hoc networks
T. Wang & R.H. Qiu

A new generation of Automatic Weather Station network service architecture design and research
G.B. Lei & C.Q. Xiong

Implementation of Linux vpn Gateway based on Netlink communication
L. Zhou

Information and communication system based on data processing center for smart grid
Y.H. Han, J.K. Wang, Q. Zhao & P. Han

Research on visualization platform for electric mobile access system based on Flex technology
Z.J. Dai, Z.P. Shao, Y.F. Wang & J. Chu

A novel authorization scheme for mobile IPv6
C.S. Wan, L. Zhou, J. Huang & J. Zhang

Research and development status of mobile informatization in China power industry
H.F. Yang, Q.G. Hu, P. Zhang, X. Zhang & M. Cheng

The evaluation information system of architectural heritage value in the era of big data
M. Liu & A.L. Liu

Design and realization of a mineral resources management information system
M.M. Fei

Information loss of unintentional disclosure in P2P
L. Xiong & Y. Zeng

Null space based interference cancellation for group femto uplinks
S.Z. Fu & J.H. Ge

Analysis and research of T.37 fax based on email
G. Wang, Y.W. Tang & Y.Q. Jin

Statistical analysis of the effective bandwidth for fm hd Radio
F. Wang, G. Yang, W.W. Fang & J. Liu

Environmental effects on UHF RFID antenna implanted in tire rubber
T.Q. Song & Y. Zhou

Allocating channel automatically of IEEE 1394 based on normalized topology
Y.L. Wan, D.G. Duan & Z.M. Han

Mining potential determinants of Internet addiction among Chinese cybercafé users
L. Huo, W. Shang & S.Y. Xu

Weighted self-localization algorithm of Networked Munitions
H.W. Liu, C.L. Jiang, M. Li & X.Y. Cheng

A new measurement for the importance of nodes in networks
L.Q. Qiu, Y.Q. Liang, Z.Y. Chen & J.C. Fan

Factor analysis for public adoption of Mobile Electronic government
P. Zhou & S. Seah

Implementation and analysis of TD-LTE system level simulation in subway system
G.W. Bai, C.G. Cheng & S.D. Zhou

Research on distributed cooperative routing based on network coding
Y. Hui, J.T. Fang, W. Liu & R.X. Zhang

A hybrid approach for performance assessment in mobile commerce
W. Liu

Session 4: Electrical engineering

Harmonic characteristic of current source inverters based on double Fourier integral theory
J. Bai, J. Liu & S.Q. Lu

A method of simplifying logic functions
Y.P. Xu & H.W. Li

Thermal conductivity determinator for potato starch wastewater
W.J. Ding, H.T. Hao & J. Xu

Missile avoidance trajectory optimization based on Gauss Pseudospectral Method
J.F. Cheng, X.M. Dong, J.P. Xue, H.T. Wang & J.H. Zhi

A self-biased wideband amplifier with high linearity
C.P. Liu & Z.R. He

The application design of transfer lines in automatic workshop based on FCS
J.H. Wang, Z.R. Li, D.H. Sun & G. Chen

Research on adaptive gateway math model of Coalmine Monitoring System
Y.G. Xu, G. Hua & Y.J. Zhao

Impact of FSIG-based wind turbine on overcurrent protection
H. Yuan, W.M. Wu, L.Y. Huang & D.Y. Guo

The response analysis of the transmission lines in the cavity with apertures based on the network BLT equation
Y. Li, L. Hong, M. Zhou & X.D. Chen

Study on application of optimizing resonance-demodulation technology in mechanical fault diagnosis
C. Wang, D.P. Jiang & Z.C. He

Influences of analog quadrature modulator on DPD technology
M.D. Zhao & Z.B. Zeng

Foxjit ERP system web service-based electronic Kanban’s research and implementation
L. Zhang, Y. Liu, F.Y. Liu & J.Y. Li

Improved self-adaptive differential evolution based on exponent crossover
Y.L. Xu, J.A. Fang, Z.Y. Liu & W.X. Cui

Development and application of static compensator filter for distribution
H.C. Ma, F.Q. Quan, D.L. Zhang, Z.Y. Zhang & T.W. Bai

Study on the evaluation model of the interval type electronic commerce system
H. Shen & A.M. Liu

Intelligent and function-oriented testing system based on characteristic keyword
W.Q. Hu, P. Wang & Y.P. Wu

Exploratory search oriented concepts latent relations discovering
L. Gao, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang & K.N. Gao

Fault diagnosis of mine hoist system based on fault tree analysis method
Z.S. Yang & X.M. Ma

Reliability statistical analysis on k/n (G) system of objective test questions
Y. Wang, L.F. Ji & X.Q. Zhang

Real-time system for overload and overspeed detection of large trucks based on ARM
B. Jiang

Power management system for microbial fuel cells
R.H. Huang, Q. Zheng, B. Mo & F. Zhao

The research on airfoils between Hex and NACA
N. Zhang

Algorithms and reducts for a double-quantitative model regarding difference integration
X.Y. Zhang

Oil enrichment regularity of Putaohua formation in Daqingzijing area
S. Yan

Reasoning based on the E (T)-ALC time event and rules
C. Huang, X.L. Zeng & J.H. Yang

Based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) of fatigue life prediction research
Y.F. Yang, R.P. Xu, S. Chen & X.L. Zhao

Session 5: Computer security

Design and analysis of the key stream generator based on the KASUMI
Y.Q. Deng, J.Y. Li, H. Shi, J. Gong, Z. Sun & W. Ding

Research and analysis of the cloud era various network authentication and accounting technology
J.J. Zhou, K. Yu & J.F. Liao

The randomness test of the key stream based on the counter mode of AES
H. Shi, X.C. Zhang, J. Gong, Y.Q. Deng & Y. Guan

The application of Information Classified Security Protection on the information systems of Urban Mass Transit
T. Zhao & Y.Y. Yang

The key frame interpolation algorithm by conditional choosing quaternion interpolation equations
J. Yu & M. Zhao

Complementary S-Box design for resistance to power analysis attack
N.H. Zhu, Y.J. Zhou & H.M. Liu

Research on resource consumption attack detection and defend
X.X. Hu

Session 6: Algorithm and simulation

A hybrid filter-wrapper feature selection algorithm for SVM classification and its application to credit risk analysis
W.Z. Zhang, J.Y. Yang & J. Chen

Study on the effectiveness equivalent of army weapons based on the sos simulation
Z.Q. Zhao & X.Z. Zhang

An improved variable step-size LMS adaptive filtering algorithm and its application simulation
Y.F. Li & Z.W. Zheng

Coordinate transformation of 3D laser scanning based on nonlinear least squares algorithm in MATLAB
P.F. Yan, J.X. Zhang, G.Q. Zhao & Z.Y. Zhang

Tomography imaging in near-field based confocal filtered back-projection algorithm
B.L. Tian, H. Yang, H.P. Wang, Y.J. Luo, H.Q. Liang, K.Z. Li & Y. Chen

Simulation environment for a missile based on Matlab/Simulink development
Z.Y. Luo & M. Li

Improved DCT digital watermarking algorithm
Z.H. Xiao

A novel text clustering algorithm treated attributes differently
Y.J. Tan & C.X. Li

Entropy-based global K-means algorithm
H.F. Feng, J. Zheng & Z.H. Wu

Object extraction by superpixel grouping
H. Cheng, J.H. Shang & C. Zhang

A novel eigenvalue source enumeration algorithm based on eigenvectors
W.Z. Huang & G. Wang

A class of generalized dependence measures based on inequality theory
Z.H. Cheng & J.A. Fang

Missile guidance law parameter identification using fixed memory least squares
X.P. Wang, Y.L. Cai, Q.Y. Lin & F.W. Wang

The research of emergency rescue optimal path model based on analytic hierarchy process and genetic algorithm
H.Y. Yang, H.H. Li, W.Y. Lv & J.Y. Li

Probability iterative algorithm for ultrasonic computerized tomography on concrete
X.Z. Qi & X.M. Zhao

Observability research and simulation experiment about appliances identification in NILM by dispersed data
L. Chen & X. Yi

Session 7: Computer science and its application

Design of mine safety management information sharing system
S.W. Qin

Analysis and research of parallel programming techniques based on multicore platform
Y.Y. Teng & Z.G. He

Analysis of fault tolerance in MPI programs
Y. Zhang, Z.J. Hu & H.B. Niu

Preparing a two column paper with MS Word for Windows
B.A. Chen, L.L. Liu & S.Y. Deng

Research on Prognostic and Health Management technology of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
G.S. Chen & S.S. Ma

Designing software architecture to support knowledge integration under heterogeneous sources environment
B. Ma & Q. Liu

Research on Digital House design and application integration mode
L.L. Zhao, P. Yao, T.X. Wei, S. Liu & H.F. Xing

Technologies for detecting data conflicts in distributed situation
Z.P. Zhong

The use of biodata analysis to reconstruct the personnel file indicator system
L.S. Pan

Fault-tolerant model of web service composition based on Aspect Oriented Programming
L.L. Gu

The auto data acquiring method for un-sole field name of same data item in dataset with many items
Y. Huang & L.Q. Hu

The access-management mechanism of web-based titanium metallurgy database
T. He, Y.Q. Hou, X.H. Yu & G. Xie

The application of the slight structure in the southern eight districts of Sanan oilfield
Z.D. Li, P. Liang, S. Liu & M. Li

The Geoprobe software 3D visualization application of coherence technology to identify small faults Fang 231 block in Songfangtun oilfield
Z.D. Li, S. Liu, P. Liang & M. Li

Visual analysis on the research of big data
C.J. Ran & Y. Chen

An improved information content measure for semantic similarity based on biomedical ontology
Y.Y. Xing, T.L. Sun, F.Q. Yang & H.G. Sun

Scheduling space for advertising on web pages
Z.H. Zhang, L. Wang & Y.K. Wu

Contactless smart card Mifare DESFire EV1—multi-application platform
R. Holý & M. Kalika

Effect of structure and cooling strategy on the temperature field of Ni/MH battery pack
S.Y. Chen, M.X. Zheng, B.J. Qi, B. Li & Y.W. Lou

Gene-gene interaction computing model on BOINC, a volunteer computing system
X.K. Zhang, R. Xu & X.Y. Zhao

Radon measurement technique based on embedded method
X.B. Wang, J.H. Wang, G. Chen & D.H. Sun

Research of real-time data warehouse storage strategy based on multi-level caches
X.J. Yao, Y.C. Shao, X.D. Wang, L.W. Tian & H. Chen

Hazard research on reservoir flood limit water level adjustment by flood prediction model
R.J. Zhang, Z.S. Li & F.C. Zhang

On counter-measure to flight colleges modern long-distance education existing state and developing
S. Ye & Q.G. Zhang

Research on events recognition from data stream in non-intrusive load monitoring
L. Chen & X. Yi

The temperature prediction in blast furnace based on fuzzy clustering analysis
Q.X. Zhang, D.H. Wang & C. Zhou

Research of software multi-level rejuvenation method based on prediction
J. Guo, X.F. Shi, J. Cao & M.H. Jia

Analysis of utility big data and its application
H.F. Yang, P. Zhang, X. Zhang, D.H. Li, M. Cheng & J. Ding

Implementation of psychology emotional stability tester
J.W. Ye, J. Luan & J.F. Ye

Design and implementation of the freight forwarding management information system based on ROR
J.H. Wan & Y.W. Zhang

Research on target recognition technology in precision-guided
Q.H. Qu

The theory and practice of the digital campus construction
S. Ye & Q.G. Zhang

Analysis of military information system integration development
H.L. Zheng & Z.W. Guo

Material requirements planning system FoxMRP based the ASP.NET MVC framework’s research and implementation
W. Wang, Y.F. Liu, Y. Liu & R. Dang

FoxOA with FoxSWF illegal and unhealthy information reporting system SOA-based integration calculation’s research and application
J.Y. Li, Y.F. Liu, Y. Liu & L. Zhang

Research of parallel program performance analysis and optimization on multicore platform
Y.Y. Teng & Z.G. He

Processes for delivering cloud computing resources
C.L. Li, L. Li & M.M. Tao

A new model based on the LINGO solving for the data rectification
L.P. Wang, Q.X. Zhang & L. Yu

Study on daily runoff forecasting model
Z.S. Li & R.J. Zhang

A novel multitask ensemble learning based on neural networks
Z.X. Li & W.H. Li

The research of three dimensional network modeling based on boundary representation using Java 3D
L.L. Zhao, S. Liu, P. Yao, T.X. Wei & L. Ma

A new strategy of statistical analysis based on graphic analysis
H.L. Yan, W.G. Duan & Y. Yun

Analysis on key factors of community micro-blog influence
H.M. Yi, Q. Wang, W. Cheng & C.S. Liu

Session 8: Engineering management

One result about ruin probability in discrete time risk model with constant interest rate
X. Luo, G.Z. Cui & C.Y. Wang

Optimization model of vehicle scheduling in logistics enterprises
Q.S. Jiang & W. Xing

A study on DEA model with the optimal virtual DMU
Y.S. Xiong & Z.W. Wang

Research and application of project teaching method in teaching of “Management Information System”
J. Liu

City emergency capacity evaluation based on grey cluster method
H.Y. Wang & Y.N. Wang

Construction of the evaluation index system of enterprise informatization
S. Lu & Y.P. Yang

Social network in accounting information systems analysis
H.F. Yang

Recent advances of e-government in the public sector
A. Abuduaini

The influence of online interaction on consumers buying intention based on flow theory
H.L. Su

Research on intelligent E-maintenance platform for electronic commerce
Q.S. Jiao, J.C. Lei & J.Y. Zhang

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