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Control of Color Imaging Systems
Analysis and Design

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ISBN 9781138112278
Published September 12, 2017 by CRC Press
696 Pages 48 Color & 430 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

A Complete One-Stop Resource

While digital color is now the technology of choice for printers, the knowledge required to address the quality and productivity issues of these devices is scattered across several technologies, as is its supporting literature.

Bringing together information from diverse fields, Control of Color Imaging Systems: Analysis and Design is the first book to provide comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals and algorithms of the numerous disciplines associated with digital color printing in a single resource. The authors review the history of digital printing systems, explore its current status, and explain fundamental concepts, including: digital image formation, sampling, quantization, image coding, spot color calibration, and one- and multi-dimensional tone control of color management systems — including process physics and controls.

A Complete Self-Tutorial With Over 150 Design Examples and 120 Exercise Problems

Based on the authors’ three decades of hands-on technical and teaching experience, the text provides engineers and technicians with an end-to-end understanding of the color printing process, and helps them build a foundation drawn from the diverse disciplines needed to manage and control digital production printers.

The control theory and methods presented in this book are state-of-the art for color printing systems; however, coverage of theoretical concepts and mathematics are kept to the basics, as the book is designed to teach hand’s on skills that will allow practitioners to gain an immediate understanding of quality and productivity concerns. The understanding provided will help practitioners build the technical skills needed to help pioneer the next generation of ideas, algorithms, and methods that will further expand the frontier of this rapidly evolving technology.

Table of Contents



An Overview of Digital Printing Systems


Printing and Publishing System

Digital Front End

Digital Print Engine (Electrophotographic)

Evolution of Controls Technology for Digital

Printers—Color Controls View

Prepress-Based Processing

DFE-Based Processing

Print Engine-Based Processing


Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing


Digital Image Formation and Systems

Optical and Modulation Transfer Functions

Image Sampling and Quantization

Image Transform

Image Filtering

Image Resizing

Image Enhancement

Image Restoration

Image Halftoning



Mathematical Foundations


General Continuous-Time System Description

Laplace Transform

General Linear Discrete-Time Systems


Discrete-Time Fourier Transform

Two-Dimensional z-Transform

Two-Dimensional Discrete-Space Fourier Transform

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Singular Value Decomposition

Matrix Polynomials and Functions of Square Matrices

Fundamentals of Matrix Calculus



State-Variable Representation


Concept of States

State-Space Representation of Continuous-Time Systems

State-Space Representation of General Continuous LTI Systems

Solution of LTI Continuous-Time State Equations

State-Space Representation of Discrete-Time Systems

State-Space Representation of Discrete-Time LTI Systems

Solution of LTI Discrete-Time State Equations

Controllability of LTI Systems

Observability of LTI Systems



Closed-Loop System Analysis and Design


State Feedback

LQR Design

State Estimators (Observers) Design

Combined State Estimation and Control



Interpolation of Multidimensional Functions


Interpolation of Uniformly Spaced Lookup Tables

Nonuniformly Spaced Lookup Tables

Lookup Table Inverse

Compression of Lookup Tables

Smoothing Algorithm for Multidimensional Functions



Three-Dimensional Control of Color Management Systems


Image Path Architecture

Profiling—A Complex System Problem

Characterization of Color Systems

GCR Selection and Inversion

Gamut-Mapping Methods

Evaluation of Profiles

An Example Showing How to Build Multidimensional LUT



One-Dimensional, Two-Dimensional, and Spot-Color Management and Control Methods


Principles of Color Management

One-Dimensional Gray-Balance Calibration

Two-Dimensional Calibration

One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Printer Calibration

Using Printer Models

One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Printer Calibration with State-Feedback Methods

Spot-Color Control



Internal Process Controls


Process Control Models—A General Control View

Time Hierarchical Process Control Loops

Level 1 Electrostatic Control System

State Space to Transfer Function Conversions

Level 2 Developability Controller

Steady-State Error

Design of the Gain Matrix

Level 3 Control Loops

Dead Beat Response

TC Control Loop

Process Controls Under Limited Actuation

Optimal Controls for Selective States

Optimal Measurements



Printing System Models


Process Models

Modulation Transfer Functions

Tone Reproduction Curve

Image Simulation with Fusing and Color Models

Virtual Printer Color Gamut

Virtual Printer Model Tuning to an Experimental Printer



Appendices (A-C)


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"... brings together the technical fields of imaging systems and feedback control systems in a self-contained manner. ... an excellent addition to the literature on the analysis and design of color-imaging systems. It should be recommended to anyone who wants to become familiar with state-of-the-art techniques in these areas."
-- Daniel Viassolo, Vestas Technology R&D, Power Plant Department, Houston, Texas