1st Edition

Control of Uncertain Dynamic Systems

    This book is a collection of 34 papers presented by leading researchers at the International Workshop on Robust Control held in San Antonio, Texas in March 1991. The common theme tying these papers together is the analysis, synthesis, and design of control systems subject to various uncertainties. The papers describe the latest results in parametric understanding, H8 uncertainty, l1 optical control, and Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT). The book is the first to bring together all the diverse points of view addressing the robust control problem and should strongly influence development in the robust control field for years to come. For this reason, control theorists, engineers, and applied mathematicians should consider it a crucial acquisition for their libraries.

    H8 CONTROL. Unstructured Uncertainty in H8 (J.G. Owen and G. Zames). Generalized Chain-Scattering Approach to H8 Control Problems (H. Kimura). An Energy and Two Port Framework for H8 Control (M. Verma and G. Zames). Linear Fractional Transformation for the Approximation of Various Uncertainty Sets (L. Lee and A.L. Tits). H8 Control for Linear Systems with Time-Varying Parameter Uncertainty (M. Fu, L. Xie and C.E. de Souza). Properties of H8 Riccati Solutions (X.P. Li and B.C. Chang). Robust Regulations with an H8 Constraint (J. Abedor, K. Nagpal, P.P. Khargonekar, and K. Poolla). MODELING, IDENTIFICATION AND DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS. Robust Performance Design of Nonlinearly Perturbed Control Systems (M. Milanese, G. Fiorio, S. Malan and A. Vicino). Robust Car Steering by Yaw Rate Feedback (J. Ackermann). Quantifying the Model Accuracy Needed for Control (M.G. Safonov). Explicit Construction of Quadratic Lyapunov Functions for the Small Gain, Positivity, Circle, and Popov Theorems and their Application to Robust Stability (W.M. Haddad and D.S. Bernstein). Compartmental Modeling and Power Flow Analysis for State Space Systems (D.S. Bernstein and D.C. Hyland). QFT CLASSICAL CONTROL AND DESIGN ISSUES. A Historical Survey of Feedback Control Theory in USA (I. Horowitz). Frequency Domain Design for Maximizing Tolerance to Disturbances in Uncertain Systems (S. Jayasuriya). Ill-Conditioned Plants and Integral Relations (J.S. Freudenberg and K. Saglik). A Survey of Robust Multiobjective Design Techniques (P. Dorato). Controller Synthesis for Multiple Objective Optimal Control (P.P. Khargonekar and M.A. Rotea). Robust Control Under Gap Metric and Pointwise Gap Metric Uncertainties (L. Qiu and E.J. Davison). Reliable Stabilization via Factorization Methods (X.-L. Tan and D. Siljak). l1 OPTIMAL CONTROL AND ROBUST PERFORMANCE. Worst-Case Identification for Robust Control (D.N.C. Tse, M.A. Dahleh and J.N. Tsitsiklis). Time-Varying Control and the Robust Performance of Systems with Structured Norm-Bounded Perturbations (M. Khammash and M. Dahleh). ROBUSTNESS ANALYSIS. Algebraic Topology in Robust Control (E. Jonckheere and J.R. Bar-on). Computing the Minimum Stability Degree of Parameter-Dependent Linear Systems (V. Balakrishnan, S.P. Boyd and S. Balemi). PARAMETRIC UNCERTAINTY AND INTERVAL SYSTEMS. Robust Parametric Stability: The Role of the CB Segments (S.P. Bhattacharyya). Kharitonov Segments Suffice for Frequency Response Analysis of Interval Plant-Controller (A. Tesi and A. Vicino). Invariance of Interval System Properties (N.K. Bose). Frequency Domain Design of Interval Controllers (L.H. Keel and S.P. Bhattacharyya). Interval Stability of Quasipolynomial (V.L. Kharitonov). Robust D-Stability in Frequency Domain with Kharitonov-Like Properties (F.J. Kraus and W. Truöl). New Extreme Point Results for Robust Stability (B.R. Barmish and H.I. Kang). Nonnegative Stabilization of Interval Discrete Systems (B. Shafai and C.V. Hollot). Frequency Domain Criterion for Robust Stability of Polytopes of Polynomials (Ya.Z. Tsypkin and B.T. Polyak). Robust Control Systems with Internal Nominal Models Families (Ya.Z. Tsypkin). Argument Conditions for Hurwitz and Schur Stable Polynomials and Robust Stability Problem (M. Mansour and F.J. Kraus). c. 528 pp., 7 x 10, 1991, ISBN 0-8493-0195-5.


    Shankar P. Bhattacharyya and Lee H. Keel