1st Edition

Convergence of Telecommunications and Broadcasting in Japan, United Kingdom and Germany Technological Change, Public Policy and Market Structure

By Koichiro Agata, Kiyoshi Nakamura Copyright 2001

    The convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting raises many questions. What form will convergence take in the future? When convergence produces new opportunities in the information, education and entertainment markets, what sort of rules of the game will be required? How will the players behave in these new markets? What policies might be needed?

    Preface, Kiyoshi Nakamura, Koichiro Agata; Part 1 Telecommunications and Broadcasting in Germany; Chapter 1 Convergence of Telecommunications and Broadcasting in Germany, Peter Eichhorn; Chapter 2 Telecommunications and Convergence, Arnold Picot; Chapter 3 The Evolution of Broadcasting in Germany, Jörg Eberspächer; Chapter 4 Comments, Koichiro Hayashi; Part 2 Regulatory Challenges in the United Kingdom; Chapter 5 UK Telecommunications Deregulation, Martin Cave; Chapter 6 The Challenge of Regulating Television in a Converging Communications Industry, Campbell Cowie; Chapter 7 Converged Regulation for Converged Industries?, Greg Clark; Chapter 8 Comments, Hajime Oniki; Part 3 Convergence and Technological Changes in Japan; Chapter 9 Convergence of Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Sadahiko Kano; Chapter 10 Telework and Telecommuting in Japan, Hitoshi Mitomo; Chapter 11 Public Policy for Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Koichiro Agata; Chapter 12 Convergence and Competition, Kiyoshi Nakamura;


    Kiyoshi Nakamura, Koichiro Agata