3rd Edition

Convergent Journalism: An Introduction Writing and Producing Across Media

Edited By Vincent F. Filak Copyright 2020

    Convergent Journalism: An Introduction is the pioneering textbook on practicing journalism in the 21st century, now in its third edition, offering chapters by industry experts covering key components for today’s convergenced media landscape.

    Each chapter of this book is written by an expert in the field, offering practical and key skills for the different aspects that make up the practice of journalism today. This new edition, written from the ground up, shifts the discussion toward a model of responsible and audience-centric journalism and demonstrates the ways journalists can use new media tools as both senders and receivers. The bedrock tenets of journalism remain at the core of this book, including information dissemination, storytelling, and audience engagement. This book offers readers:

    • A number of pedagogical features to improve learning and retention, including examples, exercises, breakout boxes and more

    • Coverage of additional topics such as issues of law and ethics in digital media, and also writing for mobile platforms and social media

    • Individual chapters written by subject experts, giving readers the necessary know-how for converged media by proven leaders in the field

    Students looking for the practical skills and ethical background necessary for producing journalism in the contemporary media landscape will find this book an invaluable resource. It is perfect for students in courses such as Convergent Journalism, Digital Media, Online Journalism, and Multimedia Journalism.

    1. The Current Journalism Landscape

    Vincent F. Filak

    2. Writing Across Platforms

    Glenn Hubbard

    3. Finding Stories

    Brian R. Sheridan

    4. Reporting Beyond the Basics 

    Scott Reinardy

    5. Structure and Storytelling

    Vincent F. Filak

    6. Photography

    Timothy R. Gleason

    7. Information Graphics

    Jennifer George-Palilonis

     8. Audio and Video Journalism

    Erika Engstrom and Gary Larson

    9. Data Journalism

    Peter Bobkowski and Clyde M. Reed

    10. Social Media

    Sara Steffes Hansen

    11. Multimedia Journalism

    Steven Chappell

    12. The Law and Convergent Journalism

    Daxton R. "Chip" Stewart

    13. Ethics in the Digital Age

    Tracy Everbach


    Vincent F. Filak, Ph.D. is a professor of journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he teaches writing and editing courses.