1st Edition

Coordination Chemistry Metal Complexes

By P. L. Soni, Vandna Soni Copyright 2013
    360 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book has been written in a simple and lucid language to help students understand the intricate theories of co-ordination chemistry. Divided into two parts, the first part reviews all the recent developments in the fields of organometallics and co-ordination chemistry. The second part deals with transition and inner transition metals including the study of f-block elements. It was developed with a focus on the need to demystify coordination complexes and transition metals.

    Historical background, Introduction, Correct empirical formula of complexes, IUPAC nomenclature, Isomerism and stereochemistry, Bonding in complexes, Preparation and isolation of complexes, Stability of complex ion, Kinetics or inert and labile complexes, Substitution reactions in complexes, Metal carbonyls and nitrosyls, Organometallics, General characteristics of d-block elements, Titanium group, Vanadium group, Chromium group, Cobalt group, Zinc group, Inner transition of f-block elements: the lanthanides, The actinides


    Soni\, P. L.; Soni\, Vandna