1st Edition

Coping With Dynamic Business Environments New Management Approaches for Resilience During Difficult Economies

By Agnieszka Stachowiak Copyright 2024
    208 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    208 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    This book discusses the existing management approaches for dealing with changes -- namely readiness, maturity, and resilience. Although these concepts have been discussed for several years now, their importance grows when companies must deal with extended changes in economies. The changes are of a different nature: social, technological, and political, and they strongly impact every aspect of economies and companies’ activity. Is it possible to be ready for the changes? Should companies be resilient to disruption? These are the questions the managers are trying to answer, yet they need some support from academics. The book explores the synergy between the state-of-the-art knowledge and experience of companies to create a Contemporary Management Model. The scope of the book covers the methodology with an introduction and discussion of the key ideas and concludes with a presentation of the Contemporary Management Model followed by the practical validation and verification of the model based on case studies. The book is simply about developing readiness and resilience of resources and processes – especially from a tactical perspective.

    Table of Contents

    About the Author
    1. Shall organizations be ready, mature or resilient?
    1.1 Readiness
    1.1.1 Are you ready?
    1.1.2 Measuring and assessing readiness
    1.1.3 Conclusion
    1.2 Maturity
    1.2.1 Could you be more mature?
    1.2.2 Measuring and assessing maturity
    1.2.3 Conclusion
    1.3 Resilience
    1.3.1. Resilience is the key!
    1.3.2. Measuring and assessing resilience
    1.3.3 Conclusion
    1.4. Readiness, maturity and resilience
    2. Management Excellence Model
    2.1. Exogenous approach to changes
    2.1.1 Turbulence in organization’s environment
    2.1.2 Sustainability in organization’s environment
    2.2. Endogenous approach to changes
    2.2.1 Definition and classification of resources
    2.2.2 Resources management
    2.2.3 Contemporary management
    2.3 Conclusion
    3. Readiness, Maturity and Resilience Model
    3.1. Readiness, Maturity and Resilience Model
    3.2 Maturity assessment
    3.3 Case study: Readiness, Maturity and Resilience of a Paper Industry Representative
    3.3.1 Diagnosis results
    3.3.2 Conclusions and recommendations


    Agnieszka Stachowiak studied at the Poznań University of Technology, majoring in Management and Marketing, specializing in Logistics. After completing her master's studies, she started doctoral studies and in 2005 she obtained a doctoral degree. In the same year, she started working at the Poznań University of Technology. Her scientific interests include organizational resilience and maturity for agility and implementation of modern solutions in production and logistics (Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0). Research in this area was completed in 2019. conferring the degree of habilitated doctor. Agnieszka Stachowiak is the author and co-author of over 100 publications, including monographs and articles published in national and foreign journals, and presented at conferences around the world. She reviews scientific papers and served as an assistant supervisor and supervisor in doctoral proceedings. He manages projects carried out by international consortia and performs research and design work for manufacturing and service companies. She is involved in organizational activities at the university and beyond, she is a member of PTL, TNOIK, and PTE, a member of the board of the International Foundation for Production Research and a member of the Women in Production Research Forum, and an expert of the Future Industry Platform. She co-organizes cyclical scientific conferences (Economy and Efficiency, International Conference on Production Research), and is a member of scientific committees of national and international conferences. Since 2020, she has been the vice dean for science at the Faculty of Management Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology.