1st Edition

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality Global Post COVID-19 Recovery Strategies

    376 Pages 53 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The dynamic characteristic of the tourism and hospitality industry under the influence of micro and macro environment factors requires future professionals to be equipped with appropriate skills and competencies to deal with such factors in real life practices. In this book, scholars and industry experts analyse case studies related to real-world scenarios to expand the body of knowledge, inspiring future research and developing the field.

    The Editors have compiled a compelling set of case studies covering topics centred around corporate entrepreneurship, including innovation, marketing and digital marketing, crisis management, quality development, product development and sustainability with a particular emphasis on post-Covid-19 recovery. The case studies included cover five regions, Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and Asia, offering enriching and diverse perspectives.

    This unique collection will be a valuable resource for scholars and upper-level students across corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as those researching and studying n the tourism and hospitality fields.



    Chapter 1       

    Internationalisation of the Pestana Hotel Group chain through corporate entrepreneurship: From family hotel to multinational hotel chain

    Helder Brito-Carrasqueira and Luis Nobre-Pereira


    Chapter 2       

    Seaside Hotels: Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation strategies in Spain, Germany and Asia

    Teresa Aguiar-Quintana and Sabine Haller


    Chapter 3

    More than a crisis? Corporate entrepreneurship and COVID-19 pandemic in Austrian tourism: A case study of a family-run hospitality business

    Christoph Pachucki and Ursula Scholl-Grissemann


    Chapter 4

    Entrepreneurial innovation in Binter Airline company based on growth: New routes in Europe and Africa after COVID-19

    Juan Carlos Martín, Concepción Román and Teresa Aguiar-Quintana


    Chapter 5

    Innovation strategies and corporate entrepreneurship in Northern Europe: Scandic Hotels, a case study of the pandemic effect in the Swedish revenue management

    Staffan Hedén


    Chapter 6

    Alfa Aldea: Astrotourism innovation in Chile

    Carlos Fernández and Carmelo León-González


    Chapter 7

    Exploring new market opportunities through entrepreneurial innovation at “El Grifo” Winery in The Canary Islands, Spain

    Teresa Aguiar-Quintana, José Luis Ballesteros-Rodríguez and Carmen Domínguez-Falcón


    Chapter 8

    Hospitality recovery through corporate entrepreneurship based on growth: The case of Cordial Hotels in Europe

    Francisca Rosa Álamo-Vera, Teresa Aguiar-Quintana, Francisco J. Gutiérrez-Pérez and Yazmina Araujo-Cabrera


    Chapter 9

    Corporate entrepreneurship within a sustainable business model: The Cayuga Collection Ecolodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panamá

    Eugenio Díaz-Fariña, Ivelina Mirkova and Noemi Padrón-Fumero


    Chapter 10

    The creation of a fleet management model as a result of corporate entrepreneurship in a car rental company in the South of Europe

    José Sanabria-Díaz, Teresa Aguiar-Quintana, Silvia Sosa-Cabrera and Ana Isabel Lemes-Hernández


    Chapter 11

    Digital services strategy based on market expansion and management software in Spain: The case of Bamen Corporation

    Alfonso Cerezo-Medina, Antonio Guevara-Plaza and Marta Lozano-Domínguez


    Chapter 12

    Myths, legends and stories: A South African approach to tourism branding and destination development

    Cine Van Zyl and M.A. de Beer

    Chapter 13

    Entrepreneurial strategies and innovation in hospitality business: Cases from Australia and Indonesia

    Hera Oktadiana, Tingzhen Chen and Joko Haryono


    Chapter 14

    Corporate entrepreneurship actions toward a more sustainable tourism mobility. The case of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane

    Mario Tartaglia, Francesca Pagliara and Juan Carlos Martín


    Chapter 15

    The growth of a family-run restaurant in Madrid through innovation and corporate entrepreneurship since 1934

    Jesús de Madariaga and Teresa Aguiar-Quintana


    Chapter 16

    Corporate entrepreneurship in Central America Tourism Agency (CATA) based on the promotion of multi-destinations in Belice, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá and Dominican Republic

    Eduardo Parra-López, Almudena Barrientos-Báez, Leydy Cevallos-Barbera and Diego Guzmán-Vera


    Chapter 17

    Viajes Insular, the internationalisation and entrepreneurial innovation of travel agencies in Spain

    Silvia Sosa-Cabrera, Teresa Aguiar-Quintana, Ana Isabel Lemes-Hernández and José Sanabria-Díaz


    Chapter 18

    The innovation of Zuana Beach resort and the private investment with the implementation of international sustainability standards in Santa Marta Beach in Colombia

    María Luisa Galán-Otero and Deiwi Jesús Zurbarán-Arias



    Chapter 19

    HD Group: Business model based on innovation and diversification in shopping centres, supermarkets and hotels

    Francisco J. Gutiérrez-Pérez, Francisca Rosa Álamo-Vera and Teresa Aguiar-Quintana


    Chapter 20

    Innovation applied to online travel agencies: The case of Different Travel in Huesca, Spain

    Silvia Abella-Garcés, M. José Barlés-Arizón, Nuria Domeque-Claver, Melania Mur-Sangrá, Ana Monclús-Salamero and Ana Katarina Pessoa-de-Oliveira


    Chapter 21

    Corporate entrepreneurship within a DMO: The case of Visit Greenland

    Elizabeth Cooper


    Chapter 22

    Innovative strategies applied in a mature destination before, during and after COVID-19: The case of Gran Canaria Tourism board

    M. Carmen Cruz-Lecat, Pablo Llinares-de-Bethencourt, Antonia M. García-Cabrera and M. Gracia García-Soto


    Chapter 23

    Innovation in the international educational experience for the hospitality and luxury industry: Unleashing corporate entrepreneurship at Les Roches in Switzerland and Spain

    Carlos Díez-de-la-Lastra, Jon Loiti-Pérez-de-Labeaga and Raúl Castro-López, Lidia Esther Hernández-López and Juan Manuel Benítez del Rosario


    Chapter 24

    The innovation and internationalisation of ACCOR company: Main strategies in hospitality corporate entrepreneurship

    Christina Tschech and Philippe Frouté


    Chapter 25

    Barceló Hotel Group, the introduction of a Spanish company in USA, Asia, Africa, Europe and Central and South America through horizontal and vertical growth strategies

    Marta Jacob, University of Balearic islands, Teresa Aguiar-Quintana and Francisca Rosa Álamo-Vera


    Teresa Aguiar-Quintana is a Full professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) in the Economics, Business and Tourism Faculty in Gran Canaria island (Spain). She is currently the Transference and dissemination director of the Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic development (Tides) at the ULPGC. She has published academic case study books and several scientific articles in Journal Citation Reports (JCR) like Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Business Research, Tourism Management Perspectives, Cornell Hospitality Quaterly and Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies.

    Jonathon Day is Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in Purdue’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University, USA. His research focuses on sustainable tourism and responsible travel. He specialises in destination stewardship, climate change and tourism, and encouraging pro-environmental consumer behaviours.

    Francisca Rosa Álamo Vera is an Associate Professor in Strategic Management, specialising in tourism, cities and public administration. She has been at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for more than 30 years and has taught in different tourism MsC programmes. Currently, her research interests are focused on Tourism students’ international mobility and coopetition in excellent research institutions.