1st Edition

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability From Values to Impact

    260 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    260 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The aim of this book is to present selected theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, with particular emphasis on the journey (transition) from values to impact.

    Values play an important role in business world and they shape the responsible approach of organizations. However, pressing and still unresolved challenges of the present day show evidently that there exist significant discrepancies between organizations’ declarations on values and their real impact. COVID-19 pandemic, Globalization 4.0, climate catastrophe and challenges emphasized by SDGs, constitute the new environment that contemporary organizations face. In effect business is part of the problem and a solution as well. It is necessary to quickly and effectively push for action taking into account the power of responsible business to co-create human live and environment. Both the theoretical considerations and the practice-based studies presented in this monograph make a significant contribution to the theory and practice of management. The book is an extension and enrichment of the existing knowledge in the field of socially responsible management in organizations.

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability will be of value to academics, researchers and advanced students in the fields of business and management, especially those interest in the intersection of management and CSR and sustainability, and those focusing the impact that business activities have on the environment.

    Part I. CSR – the journey from values to impact

    1. Integration of values with corporate social responsibility concept 

    Magdalena Kaźmierczak, Magdalena Rojek-Nowosielska, Magdalena Stefańska

    2. Impact: Meaning, scope and measurement methods

    Katarzyna Bachnik, Justyna Szumniak-Samolej

    3. Core values as a meaningful element of successful CSR practices - the example of Polish listed companies' reporting

    Grażyna Aniszewska-Banaś, Rafał Mrówka□ 

    4. Negative values and negative impact - selected manifestations of social irresponsibility of small enterprise

    Agnieszka Sokołowska-Durkalec

    5. Corporate social irresponsibility and moral values: A consumer perspective

    Grzegorz Zasuwa

    6. The impact of doing bad on consumer (dis)trust in the company: The moderating role of moral values

    Magdalena Stefańska, Grzegorz Zasuwa

    Part II. Values and impact in organizational performance

    7. Management by Values and Socially responsible HRM as success factors in the time of the COVID-19 crisis

    Katarzyna Piwowar-Sulej, Rafał Mroziewski

    8. The impact of managers’ personal values and attitudes toward CSR on organization performance: A cross-cultural analysis

    Anna Napiórkowska

    9. Value creation and the implementation of SDGs by SD/CSR leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Ewa Jastrzębska

    10. Safety and health at work as an important interest of employees from the perspective of corporate social responsibility

    Anna Cierniak-Emerych, Ewa Mazur-Wierzbicka

    11. The scope of employee pro-environmental behaviors in the workplace

    Małgorzata Budzanowska-Drzewiecka, Marta Tutko

    12. The impact of Industry 4.0 implementation on the importance of CSR values

    Radosław Wolniak

    Part III. Communication and reporting of values and impact

    13. The impact of the concept of human rights in business on CSR reporting

    Justyna Berniak-Woźny, Magdalena Wójcik-Jurkiewicz

    14. From values to impact in social reporting. The effects of Non-Financial Reporting Directive

    Maria Aluchna, Maria Roszkowska-Menkes

    15. Material ESG Data Disclosure by WIG-ESG Index Companies as the factor influencing the value of reporting

    Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalczyk 

    16. Communicating on ESG impacts - the case of the largest European Construction Industry companies

    Karolina Daszyńska-Żygadło, Justyna Fijałkowska, Dominika Hadro

    17. The impact of green marketing on sustainable consumption behavior

    Aleksandra Radziszewska

    Part IV. Where are we heading?

    18. Future perspectives of values and impact in the context of corporate social responsibility and sustainability

    Katarzyna Bachnik, Magdalena Kaźmierczak, Magdalena Rojek-Nowosielska, Magdalena Stefańska, Justyna Szumniak-Samolej


    Katarzyna Bachnik is Associate Professor and Research Fellow at Hult International Business School, USA.

    Magdalena Kaźmierczak is Associate Professor in the Department of Quality Management at Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland.

    Magdalena Rojek-Nowosielska is Associate Professor in the Strategic Management Department at the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Poland.

    Magdalena Stefańska is Associate Professor in the Marketing Strategies Department at the Institute of Marketing at Poznań University of Economics and Business, Poland.

    Justyna Szumniak-Samolej is Assistant Professor at Department of Management Theory at the Warsaw School of Economics, Poland.