2nd Edition

Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Handbook

By Schweitzer Copyright 1989

    Continuing to provide excellent, state-of-the-art information on corrosion and practicalsolutions for reducing corrosion, the Second Edition contains valuable suggestionson how to select the best construction material for a specific application . . . choose anappropriate initial design to avoid inherent corrosion pitfalls . .. determine whatcorrosion problems may exist or develop, as well as the possible extent of the problems. .. and establish practices to monitor corrosion of existing equipment.In addition to significantly revising and expanding all chapters to reflect recent progressin the field, such as the development of materials for pollution control and methods ofcontrolling/preventing corrosion, Corrosion and Corrosion ProtectionHandbook, Second Edition features detailed discussions on such new topics asatmospheric corrosion, designing to prevent corrosion, sheet linings, and corrosioninhibitors.

    Fundamentals and Prevention of Metallic Corrosion, Dean M. Berger Atmospheric Corrosion, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Cathodic Protection, Philip A. Schwietzer, P. E. Corrosion Inhibitors, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Carbon Steel and Low-Alloy Steel, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Stainless Steels, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Nickel and High Nickel Alloys, N. Sridhar and F. Galen Hodge Copper and Copper Alloys, John M. Cieslewicz and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Alluminum Alloys, Ernest H. Hollingsworth, Harold Y. Hunsicker, and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Titanium, Loren C. Covington and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Tantalum, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Zirconium, Te-Lin Yau Cast Alloys, Glenn W. George and Patricia G. Breig Development and Application of Plastic Materials, John H. Mallinson Development and Application of Ceramic Materials, Ronald A. McCauley Development and Application of Elastomers, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Coatings, Kenneth B. Tator Liquid-Applied Linings, Dean M. Berger Cements and Mortars, George W. Read, Jr. Curtis E. Zimmer and Gary R. Hall Sheet Linings, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Corrosion Monitoring, Gene Frederick Rak and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Corrosion-Testing Techniques, Charles G. Arnold and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Selecting Materials of Construction, Lewis W. Gleekman and Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E. Designing to Prevent Corrosion, Philip A. Schweitzer, P. E.



    ". . .a well-organized and well-written handbook on corrosion technology. It is a useful contribution to the current, practical literature on corrosion prevention and control, and. . .useful to practicing engineers in industry and utilities, in particular to maintenance personnel, to teachers and researchers working in the fields of materials science and engineering and to college students, who can profit from the past experience of the many authors who contributed to the text. "
    - Corrosion Reviews
    "This handbook is highly recommended for engineers involved in design of structures components and for those involved in corrosion failure analysis. This book lends itself as a general reference. . .The large amount of information collected into a single volume is enhanced by its conciseness. "
    - Materials & Manufacturing Processes