3rd Edition

Corrosion of Ceramic Materials

By Ronald A. McCauley Copyright 2013
    462 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    462 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Reflecting the many changes in the field since the publication of the second edition, Corrosion of Ceramic Materials, Third Edition incorporates more information on bioceramics, including nanomaterials, as well as the weathering of construction materials. Adhering to the original plan of classification by chemistry, this edition reorganizes the topics into four main sections: Fundamentals, Corrosion Analysis, Corrosion of Specific Materials, and Properties and Corrosion.

    New to the Third Edition

    • New chapters on corrosion by biological sources
    • New chapter on corrosion of architectural materials
    • Additional material on thermal and environmental barrier coatings
    • Expanded chapter on composites
    • More questions and examples
    • New literature sources in each chapter where appropriate

    With an abundance of practical features and new information, this expanded and completely reorganized third edition helps readers address corrosion problems and create the most corrosion-resistant systems possible. Designed as a reference, it could also be used as a text in a graduate or senior undergraduate course.

    Corrosion by Liquids
    Corrosion by Gas
    Corrosion by Solid
    Corrosion by Biological Sources
    Acid/Base Effects
    Surface Effects

    Corrosion Analysis
    Assessment of Corrosion
    Corrosion Test Procedures
    Characterization Methods

    Corrosion of Specific Materials
    Architectural Materials
    Biologically Corroded Materials
    Specific Crystalline Materials
    Specific Glassy Materials
    Composite Materials

    Properties and Corrosion
    Degradation by Specific Environments

    Minimization of Corrosion
    Methods to Minimize Corrosion

    Glossary of Terms

    Exercises, Questions, Problems, and References appear at the end of each chapter.


    Ronald A. McCauley is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University. Dr. McCauley is a member of the American Ceramic Society, the American Society of Testing and Materials, the Mineralogical Society of America, and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. He is the author and coauthor of numerous professional papers. He earned a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

    "Not only does Dr. McCauley go into excruciating detail about the chemical properties that give ceramics their unique properties, but he also adds historical examples of many of the early experiments in the field to weave a story of the evolution of this field of science. An excellent example is his description of the early ceramic eyes progressing to the present attempts to use ceramics to devise subretinal micro-photodiode arrays that will actually restore sight! Dr. McCauley makes an excellent point when he emphasizes that when designing experiments the researcher must pay close attention to the actual human physiologic environment versus experimental conditions on a substrate."
    —George Weightman, MD

    "… a comprehensive guide to the fundamental aspects of corrosion in inorganic crystalline and glassy materials. The book is a thorough description of fundamentals, mechanisms, testing, and methods to reduce corrosion for a wide range of engineering applications. This text provides an introductory treatment of corrosion of ceramics that enables both engineering students as well as working professionals to understand and advance their knowledge on the subject. Research scientists and engineers in ceramics, metallurgy and other materials-related industries will find the book particularly valuable for this reason."
    —Richard Haber, Rutgers University

    "This is a comprehensive resource for materials engineers who are working in the field of corrosion of ceramic materials, covering both fundamental corrosion mechanisms and the responses of a wide range of specific ceramics. The extensive coverage includes the effects of corrosion in liquid and gaseous media, and even solid-solid corrosion. Bringing together more traditional ceramics, advanced structural and functional ceramics, and bioceramics, this is a thorough overview of the current understanding of the corrosive degradation phenomena that can deleteriously affect these materials. It is certainly a welcome, and timely, addition to the literature on ceramics and provides a thorough extension of the previous edition."
    —Kevin Plucknett, Dalhousie University

    "… excellent and comprehensive overview of the important mechanisms controlling and contributing to the corrosion of glass and ceramics. Excellent reference source for students, faculty, and practicing engineers … an easy read and emphasizes the practical side of why and how glass is corroded under various conditions—by liquids, gases, and in the human body."
    —Delbert E. Day, Missouri University of Science and Technology

    "McCauley’s 3rd Edition of Corrosion of Ceramic Materials is the best yet, the only comprehensive text on the topic. … a giant step … new chapters on corrosion of ceramics in biological applications and those of architectural ceramics, the latter including mineralogical ceramics are outstanding starting points for practitioners and researchers in those two rapidly emerging and growing fields. … easy to read. I completed it on two transatlantic flights, over and back. Even those familiar with only a few of the features of ceramic corrosion will enjoy it and learn more about ceramic corrosion from reading it. The brief quotes at the beginnings of the chapters are enlightening. In addition to technical statements by many scientists, one is by Yogi Berra which may have originated from McCauley’s Missouri roots or his proximity to the New York Yankees. It is always good to see a Yogi Berra fan.

    Every materials engineer with an interest in the corrosion of ceramic materials should read this text and have it on his bookshelf as a reference."
    —Richard C. Bradt, Professor of Materials Engineering, Emeritus & Alton N. Scott Professor of Engineering, Emeritus, University of Alabama

    Praise for the Previous Edition:
    "The author's intention to prepare a source book for engineers interested in the corrosion of ceramics has been achieved by bringing together a wealth of information that would otherwise have to be found in textbooks, technical journals and standards. There are useful questions at the end of each chapter to stimulate thoughtful readers to extend their interest in the subject. For a book of its caliber, one would expect it to find its way on to the bookshelves of corrosion engineers concerned with the intelligent selections of ceramics for industrial applications."
    Materials World, Vol. 13, No. 3, March 2005

    "There are few comprehensive information sources available to ceramists working in the field of corrosion and oxidation, being largely limited to conference proceedings and journal articles. Consequently, Corrosion of Ceramic and Composite Materials is a welcome addition to the literature in this important area."
    JOM, August 2005