1st Edition

Cosmic Humanism and World Unity

By Oliver L. Reiser Copyright 1975

    First published in 1975 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity presents a comprehensive overview of the world view, a theory of knowledge, a cosmology and a possible universal religion termed as cosmic humanism. It aims to discover and formulate some of the main principles that may help mankind integrate the world ethically, aesthetically, and spiritually, as science and technology have integrated the planet in its physical relationships. It discusses themes like mental pattern for the planet; language and world order; grand strategy of evolution; Helium Psychosphere; cosmic humanism and the "space age"; and existentialist cosmology and harmony. This is an interesting read for scholars and researchers of philosophy.

    Introduction Prologue 1. A Mental Pattern for the Planet 2. Language and World Order 3. The Grand Strategy of Evolution 4. Man and the Cosmic Guiding Fields 5. The Helium Psychosphere 6. Cosmic Humanism and the "Space Age" 7. Wisdom’s Cosmic Temple 8. From Astrophysics to Cosmic Humanism Appendix: Cosmic Archetypes as Platonic Holograms Index of Names


    Oliver L. Reiser