1st Edition

Cosmology Historical, Literary,Philosophical, Religous and Scientific Perspectives

Edited By Norriss S. Hetherington Copyright 1993

    This book is a collection of contributions examining cosmology from multiple perspectives. It presents articles on traditional Native American and Chinese cosmologies and traces the historical roots of western cosmology from Mesopotamia and pre-Socratic Greece to medieval cosmology.

    I: Cosmology and Culture 1. Native American Cosmologies 2. Chinese Cosmology 3. Mesopotamian Cosmology 4. The Presocratics II: The Greeks' Geometrical Cosmos 5. Plato's Cosmology 6. Aristotle's Cosmology 7. Ptolemy 8. Copernicus III: Medieval Cosmology and Literature 9. Medieval Cosmology 10. Dante's Moral Cosmology 11. Chaucer IV: The Scientific Revolution 12. Galileo 13. Kepler 14. Newtonian Cosmology V: Galaxies: from Speculation to Science 15. William Herschel 16. Raw Power: Nineteenth-Century Speculum Metal Reflecting Telescopes 17. Spectroscopy VI: The Expanding Universe 18. Cosmology 1900-1931 19. Hubble's Cosmology 20. Big Bang Cosmology 21. Steady State Theory VII: Particle Physics and Cosmology 22. The Inflationary Universe 23. Large-Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 24. Cosmic Strings 25. Quantum Cosmology and the Creation the Universe VIII: Cosmology and Philosophy 26. The Anthropic Principle 27. Plurality of Worlds 28. Multiple Universes 29. Philosophical Aspects of Cosmology IX: Cosmology and Religion 30. Galileo and the Inquisition 31. Cosmology and Religion


    Norriss S. Hetherington