1st Edition

Cosmopolitan Moment, Cosmopolitan Method

Edited By Nigel Rapport, Huon Wardle Copyright 2024
    206 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    In conversation, and in the company of a new generation of scholars working in the field, Nigel Rapport and Huon Wardle re-explore the terrain and meaning of cosmopolitan studies now. This book offers a new survey and theorisation of cosmopolitan research, a burgeoning topic responding to increasingly complex patterns of human interaction in world society. It considers the question of cosmopolitan methodology: What are the methods needed for, or elicited by, studying cosmopolitan situations? And how are we to remain faithful to the heteronomous human interiority and intentionality from which cosmopolitan moments are constructed? The volume focuses on the open-ended moment of ethnographic fieldwork that generates the concepts and methods needed to understand contemporary cosmopolitanisation. The chapters cover a wide range of ethnographic situations and open up debate on what are the opportunities and responsibilities of a cosmopolitan anthropology in its exploration of human difference and commonality.

    1. What does a cosmopolitan anthropology hope to know, and how? An introduction

    Huon Wardle and Nigel Rapport

    Part I

    2. Trembling Moments: Encountering the other (self) at the pier of Lampedusa

    Alessandro Corso

    3. Being Methodologically Cosmopolitan: On uncertainty, capacities and the stories that are still to be told

    Simone Toji

    Part II

    4. Cosmopolitanism as an empirically grounded framework in urban ethnography

    Silvia Binenti

    5. Caliban’s Return: Afro-Cuban Cosmopolitics Between Politesse and Multiculturalism

    Pablo D. Herrera Veitia

    Part III

    6. Anthropology upscaled: Cosmopolitan encounters with EU civil servants in Brussels

    Seamus Montgomery

    7. Rastafari Cosmopolitics: Reflections on an Ethnography of spiritual repatriation and the state of Caribbeanist anthropology

    Shelene Gomes

    Part IV

    8. Interlocutors and anthropologist in and out of cosmopolitanism

    Narmala Halstead

    9. Social deeds, building, and the cosmopolitan moment: An ethnographic view on affective labour in late-socialist Poland

    Tomasz Rakowski

    Part V

    10. We-ness: The universal nature of human sociation and its ethical recognition

    Nigel Rapport

    11. On the Structure of Cosmopolitan Encounters

    Huon Wardle

    12. Afterword

    Nigel Rapport and Huon Wardle


    Nigel Rapport is Emeritus Professor of Anthropological and Philosophical Studies at the University of St Andrews, UK, and Founding Director of the St Andrews Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies.

    Huon Wardle is Senior Lecturer, former Director of the Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies, and Editor of the Yearbook in Cosmopolitan Studies at the University of St Andrews, UK.