1st Edition

Counseling Psychology and Optimal Human Functioning

Edited By W. Bruce Walsh Copyright 2003
    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    Counseling psychologists have always been vitally involved in promoting good health and preventing mental, physical, and social disorders. This volume focuses on how their efforts can foster and build optimal human strength and well-being. The chapters show how counseling psychology plays a major role in helping people make changes at home, at work, and in the community in ways that prevent disease risk and strengthen personal and social resources.

    Written by leading psychologists, the volume shifts away from pathology and illness and moves more toward the science of positive psychology. Five major themes--intact personalities, individual assets and strengths, positive mental health, person--environment interaction, and career development-are discussed. These serve to unite the roles and tasks of counseling psychology.

    All students and professionals concerned with mental health and career counsiling with find Counseling Psychology and Optimal Human Functioning thought-provoking and helpful reading.

    Contents: W.B. Walsh, Counseling Psychology and Optimal Human Functioning: An Introduction. S. Day, P. Rottinghaus, The Healthy Personality. J.A. Achter, D. Lubinski, Fostering Exceptional Development in Intellectually Talented Populations. F.H. Borgen, L.D. Lindley, Individuality and Optimal Human Functioning: Interests, Self-Efficacy, and Personality. W.B. Walsh, Person-Environment Psychology and Well-Being. F.T.L. Leong, P.T.P. Wong, Optimal Human Functioning From Cross-Cultural Perspectives: Cultural Competence as an Organizing Framework. D.W. Sue, M.G. Constantine, Optimal Human Functioning in People of Color in the United States. C.J. Gelso, S. Woodhouse, Toward a Positive Psychotherapy: Focus on Human Strength. A.H.S. Harris, C.E. Thoresen, Strength-Based Health Psychology: Counseling for Total Human Health. M.L. Savickas, Toward a Taxonomy of Human Strengths: Career Counseling's Contribution to Positive Psychology. P. Frazier, S. Oishi, M. Steger, Assessing Optimal Human Functioning. R.P. Bingham, Fostering Human Strength Through Diversity and Public Policy: A Counseling Psychologists' Perspective. S.J. Lopez, L.M. Edwards, J.L. Magyar-Moe, J.T. Pedrotti, J.A. Ryder, Fulfilling Its Promise: Counseling Psychology's Efforts to Understand and Promote Optimal Human Functioning.


    W. Bruce Walsh

    "The book includes several chapters that will be valuable in training counseling psychologists and researchers who are motivated to examine the efficacy of counseling psychology."