1st Edition

Counselling Young Binge Drinkers Person-Centred Dialogues

By Richard Bryant-Jefferies Copyright 2006

    Young binge drinkers are becoming more and more common in society today. By using case studies with fictitious clients, this timely and much needed book offers the reflective thoughts and feelings of both client and counselor in a user-friendly format. Counselors and psychotherapists who practice, or are interested in, the person-centered approach, will find this book invaluable - particularly those who work with young people. It also provides vital information for youth leaders, teachers and parents of young people, and counselors and therapists in training.

    Introduction Part 1: Gary’s story 1.1. Friday evening 1.2. Counselling session 1: ‘I don’t have a problem with my drinking’ 2.1. Later that night 2.2. Counselling session 2: Client does not attend 2.3. Counselling session 3: The therapeutic relationship begins to develop 3.1. Supervision session 1: Impressions explored and a matter of congruence 3.2. Counselling session 4: Memories intrude, the drinking’s ‘not a problem’ 4. Counselling session 5: More from the past and an uneasy insight 5. Supervision session 2: To reflect on the process of material from edge of awareness and self-concept under threat 6. Counselling session 6: Alcohol use has increased and an emotional release 6.1. Reflections Part 2: Carrie’s story 7.1. Friday afternoon, 12 June 7.2. Friday evening 7.3. Counselling session 1: Silence as the therapeutic process begins 8. Counselling session 2: Silence, distance and then the client discloses more 9. Counselling session 3: Information given that the client does not want to hear 10. Supervision session: Restoring counsellor congruence 11. Counselling session 4: An emotional release, the client feels ‘lighter’ 12.1. Counselling session 9: More insights and reflections 12.2. An alternative scenario for Carrie 12.3. Reflections 13. Author's epilogue


    Richard Bryant-Jefferies

    "Extremely well written… [it] reads like a can’t-put-it-down novel."
    —Richard Velleman, Consultant , Clinical Psychologist, Director, Mental Health, Research & Development Unit, University of Bath

    "Vivid. … opens a window to see and feel the intricacies of individual psychotherapy…."
    —Peter Wilson, Retired Director of "Young Minds"

    "Sheds light on the complexity of the issues that underlie persistent and destructive self-harming behaviours."
    —Robin D. Everall, PhD, Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology, Canada