1st Edition

Counselling and Career Guidance in Asia Developments, Challenges and Opportunities

Edited By Anuradha J. Bakshi, Mantak Yuen Copyright 2024

    The book captures the developments, challenges and opportunities in the fields of counselling and career guidance in Asia, highlighting issues and concerns that are unique to Asian regions as well as those that are common with other parts of the world.

    This book addresses multiple gaps in the counselling and career guidance literatures: it covers Eastern contexts and includes a focus on the distinctive needs of rural communities and those of small states. Gender is a prominent theme as well. The chapters in the book are diverse in terms of settings and participants, topics, and segments of the life span. The reader can develop insight about the current status of the counselling and career guidance fields in Asian contexts and identify relevant aspects that need change or strengthening. The guidelines for policy development that have been suggested in many chapters in this edited volume are of considerable practical value. The discussions in the book draw attention to context-specific features as well as underscore themes that are recurrent across regions and countries. The book has utility, therefore, for readers from all countries.

    Counselling and Career Guidance in Asia will be relevant to students and researchers interested in educational psychology, counselling psychology, vocational psychology, career development, human learning, the learning sciences, and psychological research methods in education and psychology. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of British Journal of Guidance & Counselling.

    Introduction: Counselling and career guidance in Asia

    Anuradha J. Bakshi and Mantak Yuen


    Part 1: Counselling


    1. Using a Delphi technique to build a competency framework for full-time counselling teachers in Taiwan

    Pei-Shan Lee and Yu-Hsien Sung


    2. Elementary school teachers’ satisfaction with their collaboration with counsellors: effects of teacher attitudes, teacher expectations and counsellor professional traits

    S. -F. Tu and Y. -H. Chan


    3. The experiences of school counsellors in Hong Kong: implications for policy innovation

    Mark G. Harrison, Fu Wai and Jacky K. F. Cheung


    4. An evaluation of a pilot counselling model in Hong Kong for individuals with mild-to-moderate psychological issues

    Paul W. C. Wong, Shimin Zhu, Tim M. H. Li, Eppie H. Y. Wan, Hallie H. L. Chan, Vanessa S. W. Yu, Kelly S. K. Fung and Samson Tse


    5. Reflective practice through clinical supervision: implications for professional and organisational sustainability

    Dawn Koh, Geoff McNulty and Hwee Leng Toh-Heng


    Part 2: Career Guidance


    6. Career guidance and counselling: the nature and types of career-related teacher social support in Hong Kong secondary schools

    Lawrence P.W. Wong, Mantak Yuen and Gaowei Chen


    7. A comparison between flipped and lecture-based course delivery of a career development programme for Chinese undergraduates

    Leili Jin, Yang Gao, Tongtong Liu, Peter A. Creed and Michelle Hood


    8. Employer attributes attracting engineering graduate job aspirants: insights from the Aspire model

    Rajesh Raghunathan and Reena Murali


    9. Characteristics of longer-term versus transitional NEETs in Hong Kong: implications for career support services

    Xuebing Su, Victor Wong and Siu-ming To


    10. Intersectionality of rural community, geography and gender in the careers of young adults

    Anuradha J. Bakshi and Brenda J. Fernando


    11. Career development in Macao: a perspective representing small states and territories

    Elvo K. L. Sou, Mantak Yuen and Gaowei Chen


    12. The place of culture in the training of career guidance educators

    Gulnaz Zahid and Tom Staunton


    13. The ideal partner: gender-occupation congruence and incongruence

    Jingjing Song and Yanfen Liu


    Anuradha J. Bakshi is the In-Charge Principal and Professor, and the Head of the Department of Human Development at the Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, University of Mumbai, India. She is a Consulting Editor of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling and on the Editorial Board of multiple journals.

    Mantak Yuen is Associate Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Creativity and Talent Development, Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education, at the University of Hong Kong, China. He is a Registered Counselling and Educational Psychologist, a Career Development Facilitator, and course coordinator of MEd (Guidance & Counselling).