1st Edition

Countertransference Theory, Technique, Teaching

Edited By Athina Alexandris, Grigoris Vaslamatzis Copyright 1993
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    285 Pages
    by Routledge

    A collection of papers on the Oedipus complex, divided into three parts: theory, practice and supervision. The contributors, who include Joyce McDougall, Hanna Segal, Otto Kernberg and Leon Grinberg, invite the reader to explore with them the processes affecting the therapist's mind - and, occasionally his body - during psychoanalytic therapy, and the reasons why the therapist thinks, feels, and reacts in a particular way. The full significance of these processes, referred to as "counter-transference" since Freud's time, has recently been recognized, resulting in the therapist's use of additional resources so that he or she can understand and help the patient more effectively. In the 1950s and 1960s, Paula Heimann and Heinrich Racker, following on Freud's own observations, made important contributions to the study of the countertransference, considerably enlarging upon the concept and re-evaluating the nature of the psychoanalytic therapeutic relationship as a result.

    Preface , Introduction , Countertransference: Theoretical and Technical Aspects , Countertransference , The analytic management and interpretation of projective identification , Countertransference and the concept of projective counteridentification , Clinical Illustrations of Countertransference: Theoretical and Technical Considerations , A parallel voyage of mourning for patient and analyst within the transference-countertransference voyage , Countertransference and primitive communication , Countertransferential bodily feelings and the containing function of the analyst , Countertransference reactions commonly present in the treatment of patients with borderline personality organization , Projective identification, countertransference, and hospital treatment , Some thoughts on insight and its relation to countertransference , The patient-therapist fit and countertransference reaction in the light of frame theory , Aspects of Countertransference–Transference Interaction in Supervision , Transference–countertransference interactions in the supervisory situation: some observations , Some transference–countertransference issues of the supervisory situation: a dream about the supervisor


    Athina Alexandris