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Creating Heritage for Tourism

Edited By Catherine Palmer, Jacqueline Tivers Copyright 2019
    ISBN 9780367665913
    286 Pages
    Published September 30, 2020 by Routledge

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    What does ‘heritage’ mean in the twenty-first century? Traditional ideas of heritage involve places where objects, landscapes, people and ideas are venerated and reproduced over time as an inheritance for future generations. To speak of heritage is to speak of a relationship between the past, the present and the future. However, it is a past recreated for economic gain, hence sectors such as culinary tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism and film tourism have employed the heritage label to attract visitors.

    This interdisciplinary book furthers understanding on how heritage is socially constructed, interpreted and experienced within different geographic and cultural contexts, in both Western and non-Western settings. Subjects discussed include Welsh linguistic heritage, tango, mushroom tourism, Turkish coffee, literary tourism and the techniques employed to construct tourist accommodation. By focusing upon heritage creation in the context of tourism, the book moves beyond traditional debates about ‘authentic heritage’ to focus on how something becomes heritage for use in the present.

    This timely volume will be of interest to students and researchers in tourism, heritage studies, geography, museum studies and cultural studies.

    1 Heritage for tourism: creating a link between the past and the present Catherine Palmer and Jacqueline Tivers 2 Creating a destination through language: Welsh linguistic heritage in Patagonia Kimberly Berg 3 Performing national identity in heritage tourism: observations from Catalonia Venetia Johannes 4 Heritage defined and maintained through conflict re-enactments: the Estonian Museum of Occupations and the Forest Brothers Bunker Brent Mckenzie 5 Constructing heritage, shaping tourism: Festivals and local heritage governance at Hampi World Heritage Site, Karnataka, India Krupa Rajangam 6 Creating heritage for cruise tourists Jacqueline Tivers 7 `It's tango!': communicating intangible cultural heritage for the dance tourist Jonathan Skinner 8 Holmes as heritage: readers, tourism and the making of Sherlock Holmes's England David Mclaughlin 9 Creating heritage for tourism: `consuming history,' `prosthetic memories' and the popularisation of a folk hero's story Michael Fagence 10 Creating (extra)ordinary heritage through film-induced tourism: the case of Dubrovnik and Game of Thrones Tina Segota 11 Amachan: the creation of heritage tourism landscapes in Japan after the 2011 triple disaster Duccio Gasparri and Annaclaudia Martini 12 Bedrock, metropolis and Indigenous heritage: rendering `The Rocks' invisible Felicity Picken, Hayley Saul and Emma Waterton 13 Between the cliffs and the sea: St Kilda and heritage from afar George S. Jaramillo and Alan Hooper 14 Made in China: creating heritage through tourist souvenirs Penny Grennan 15 Creative practices of local entrepreneurs reinventing built heritage Giovanna Bertella and Maurizio Droli 16 Co-creating a heritage hotel for a new identity Philip Feifan Xie and William Ling Shi 17 Turkish coffee: from intangible cultural heritage to created tourist experience Ilkay Tas Gursoy 18 The reinvention of crab fishing as a local heritage tourism attraction in Northeast Brazil Claudio Milano 19 Creating biocultural heritage for tourism: the case of mycological tourism in central Mexico Humberto Thome-Ortiz 20 (Re)creating natural heritage in New Zealand: biodiversity conservation and tourism development Guojie Zhang, James Higham and Julia Nina Albrecht


    Catherine Palmer, PhD, is an anthropologist, University of Brighton, UK, and a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute. Her research focuses on identity, heritage and materiality; post-conflict/memorial landscapes; embodiment, tourism; and the coast/seaside. She is the joint book series editor for ‘Routledge Advances in Tourism Anthropology’ (with Jo-Anne Lester), and the author of the 2018 Routledge monograph Being and Dwelling Through Tourism: An Anthropological Perspective. She is the editor of Tourism Research Methods: Integrating Theory and Practice (with Pete Burns and Brent Ritchie) and Tourism and Visual Culture: Volume 1 Theories and Concepts (with Pete Burns and Jo-Anne Lester).

    Jacqueline Tivers, PhD, is an honorary research associate in geography at Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a previous Chair of the Geography of Leisure and Tourism Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society–Institute of British Geographers. She has published several books, contributions to edited collections, and journal articles during her long career as a lecturer and researcher in geography. She is joint editor (with Tijana Rakic) of Narratives of Travel and Tourism, a previously published book within the ‘Geographies of Leisure and Tourism Research Group (GLTRG)’ series.

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