1st Edition

Creating Images and the Psychology of Marketing Communication

Edited By Lynn R. Kahle, Chung-Hyun Kim Copyright 2006
    442 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    442 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The purpose of Creating Images and the Psychology of Marketing Communication is to advance the understanding of the concept of image as it is applied to various areas of interest. It also serves to meet the growing interest in image-related studies by the public and academics, and provides an innovative and holistic approach to the study of image. The text reflects the importance of brand leveraging as the sections cover in-depth discussion on cross-country and tourism images, corporate and sponsorship images, individual and celebrity images, and cultural and social images. It provides a comprehensive and holistic look at the concept of image: the topics range from theories of image creative to other image studies on a country, corporate, and individual level. The sections cover the major topics currently being debated in image marketing and the psychology of communications. Several new and innovative concepts are also introduced in the book.

    Creating Images and the Psychology of Marketing Communication is intended for academics and scholars (including students) in the interdisciplinary fields of consumer psychology, marketing, and communication.

    Contents: C.W. Park, Foreword. Preface. Part I: Theories of Image. D.M. Boush, S.M. Jones, A Strategy-Based Framework for Extending Brand Image Research. L.A. Brannon, T.C. Brock, Measuring the Prototypicality of Product Categories and Exemplars: Implications of Schema Correspondence Theory. J. Kimura, Emergence and Change of Consumer Product Image in Social Constructionism Perspective. P.J. Mazzocco, T.C. Brock, Understanding the Role of Mental Imagery in Persuasion: A Cognitive Resources Model Analysis. B. Schmitt, From Image to Experience. Part II: Country Image. W. Na, Y. Son, C-H. Kim, R. Marshall, Building a National Image With Words: The Role of Word of Mouth in Establishing Korea's International Image. D-S. Cho, Y-G. Suh, Measuring the National Image: The Case of South Korea. G. Larsen, V. George, The Social Construction of Destination Image: A New Zealand Film Example. K. Jung, A-K. Kau, Chinese Consumers' Evaluation of Hybrid Country of Origin Products: Effects of Decomposed Elements of Country of Origin, Brand Name, and Consumers' Ethnocentrism. Part III: Individual and Celebrity Source Image. A.A. Parulekar, P. Raheja, Managing Celebrities as Brands: Impact of Endorsements on Celebrity Image. S. Yoon, P.T. Vargas, A Cultural Third-Person Effect: Actual and Expected Effects of Source Expertise Among Individualists and Collectivists. K.E. Kahle, L.R. Kahle, Sports Celebrities' Image: A Critical Evaluation of the Utility of Q Scores. K-H. Han, F. de Gregorio, A Range of Female Beauties: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Cosmetics TV Commercials. Part IV: Corporate Image. Y. Yi, S. La, Well-Matched Employees Make Customers Happy: Effects of Brand-Employee Congruence. C-H. Kim, T. Suh, Managing the Multidimensionality of Corporate Image: From the Stakeholders' Multilayered Experience Perspective. C.S. Weeks, T.B. Cornwell, M.S. Humphreys, Conceptualizing Sponsorship: An Item and Relational Information Account. Part V: Individual Characteristics and Culture. W-S. Kim, D.M. Boush, A. Marquardt, L.R. Kahle, Values, Brands, and Image. K.I. Powers, Image Attributes of Automobiles and Their Influence on Purchase Price Decision. H. Jung, Assessing the Influence of Cultural Values on Consumer Susceptibility to Social Pressure for Conformity: Self-Image Enhancing Motivations vs. Information Searching Motivation. T-J. Liao, L-T. Bei, The Impact of Media and Culture on the Consumption Values of Women in China and Taiwan. Y-C. Shen, L-T. Bei, C-Y. Wu, Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Brand Personality in Print Media: The Case of Mainland China and Taiwan.


    Lynn R. Kahle, Chung-Hyun Kim

    " 'Creating Images and the Psychology of Marketing Communication' is a veritable 'tour d' horizon' of the psychology of perception, communication, and image creation....it provides something for everyone....the strengths of this book lie in its comprehensive coverage of critical factors that influence the creation and communication of brand images in marketing campaigns and strategies. It should be considered a detailed source book, to be visited, like the buffet, when one has a clear need for a particular piece of brand image or marketing information in mind."

    "...Kahle emphasized that the book is not meant to be the final word on the subject of image marketing. Rather, it provides a useful starting point for scholars and marketing professionals to understand this complex concept as it relates to the diversity of consumer behavior."
    —Oregon E-News