1st Edition

Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive Workplace The Practical Resource Guide for Business Leaders

By Kryss Shane Copyright 2021
    226 Pages 10 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    226 Pages 10 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Setting out best practices and professional guidance for creating LGBT+ inclusive workplaces, this approachable and easy to follow book guides current and future leaders of all industries toward appropriate and proven ways to create safer working environments, update company policies, enhance continuing education and training, and better support LGBT+ people in the workplace.

    Featuring real-life situations and scenarios, a glossary, and further resources, Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive Workplace enables professionals in all aspects of professional roles to integrate foundational concepts into their everyday interactions with staff at all levels as well as within the community to create an overall workplace culture that nurtures a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming environment for all. This book includes postcards from PostSecret as its foreword and more than a dozen exclusive interviews from the world’s top leaders in a variety of industries with world-renowned reputations.

    Enabling professionals in a variety of business roles to create an overall workplace culture that nurtures a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming environment for all, this book is an essential resource for independent readers, department teams, and entire corporations.

    Acknowledgements; How Big of a Problem Is This?; Preface; Foreword by PostSecret; Introduction; Section I- The Foundation: Terminology and Insights; Safety; Allyship; Why It Matters That You Are an LGBT+ Ally; Who Am I and What Traits Do I Bring to Allyship?; How to Be an Active Ally; Privilege; Intersectionality; Battle Fatigue; Terminology; In Broad Terms; Sexual Orientations; Gender Identity; Additional Useful Terminology; Coming Out; Questions and Answers; Research Your Resources; Safety and medical emergencies on business grounds; Health and wellness concerns at home; Safety emergencies occurring at home; In Closing; Section II: Scenarios: Test Your Knowledge; Scenario 1; Scenario 2; Scenario 3; Scenario 4; Scenario 5; Scenario 6; Scenario 7; Scenario 8; Scenario 9; Scenario 10; Scenario 11; Scenario 12; Scenario 13; Scenario 14; Section III Put Your Knowledge into Practice; Assessing Your Business; First impressions; Hiring Processes; After Being Hired; The Written Rules; Introduction into the Learning Environment; Assessing Your Business; In the Office and Collaborative Spaces; Leadership and Learning Materials; How to Implement Change; In the Meantime/On Your Own; Physical Space; Inclusive Curricula and Printed Training Materials; In Closing; Appendix I: Opposition; Business district leaders (including C-suite and business board members); Business leaders (including supervisors and department heads); Company Employees; Employees’ Families (including parents, children, and other loved ones); Interviews; Lau Viggo Albjerg, GlaxoSmithKline & Colgate; Lauren Banyar Reich, LBR Public Relations; Bill Barretta, The Muppets; Greg DeShields, City of Philadelphia; Richard Gray, City of Fort Lauderdale; Sally Hogshead, CEO How to Fascinate; Kenny Johnson, Philadelphia Phillies; Shelly McNamara, Proctor & Gamble; Brian McNaught, The Godfather of Gay Diversity Training; Jerrie Merritt, Bank of Nevada; Gary Murakami, MGM Resorts International; Alfredo Pedroza, Wells Fargo; Howard Ross, Cook Ross & Udarta; Josh Scott, GracePointe Church; Andrea Shorter, City of San Francisco; Additional Resources; Archives and collections; Arts, literature, and culture; E-journals and Online; Newspapers; Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation; General Resources; History; Legal; Organizations; Religion


    Kryss Shane, MS, MSW, LSW, LMSW (she/her) has been named by The New York Times and many national and international platforms as America's go-to Leading LGBT Expert. She has 25+ years of experience guiding the world's top leaders in business, education, and community via individual, small group, and full-staff trainings. She is known for making each organization's specific Diversity and Inclusion needs become more manageable, approachable, and actionable.

    "In her first book, Kryss Shane created an invaluable resource to help schools become LGBTQ affirming environments. This time she is using her almost 30 years of experience and insight to transform workplaces. Although suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth, the highest suicide rate in the USA is among working-aged adults 45 - 60. One step towards reducing adult suicide is creating a workplace that affirms LGBTQ employees and parents of LGBTQ youth. While the June 2020 Supreme Court decision protecting LGBTQ workers under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was necessary, it was not sufficient to ensure workplaces were affirming environments.  Shane's book meets this need and fills this gap." 
    -Dr. Jonathan Singer, President of the American Association of Suicidology


    "Let's get down to business: whether you are a current business leader, someone dreaming or planning to become a leader in your industry, an advocate, or a customer who supports businesses invested in LGBT+ inclusion, Kryss Shane consistently delivers as the most engaging go-to coach and educator on best practices for creating supportive and productive LGBT+ inclusive businesses and workplaces. Kryss' coaching and interactive key lessons, guidelines, and leadership challenges exploring how and why creating LGBT+ inclusive work life is good business practice presented here could not be timelier or more on the money."
    -Andrea Shorter, Co-Founder, Bayard Rustin LGBTQ Coalition; Former Director of Community Relations, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates; Former Director, Marriage Equality and Coalitions Strategies, Equality California; Inclusive and Safe Community Building Consultant and Strategist