Creation and Evolution in the Early American Scientific Affiliation  book cover
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Creation and Evolution in the Early American Scientific Affiliation

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Mark A. Kalthoff

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Book Description

Originally published in 1995, Creation and Evolution in the Early American Scientific Affiliation is the tenth volume in the series, Creationism in Twentieth Century America, reissued in 2021. The volume comprises of original primary sources from the American Science Affiliation, a group formed following an invitation from the president of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, in answer to the perceived need for an academic society for American Evangelical Scientists to explicate the relationship between science and faith. The society confronted the debate between creation and evolution head on, leaving a paper trail documenting their thoughts and struggles. This diverse and expansive collection includes 53 selections that appeared during the organisation’s first two decades and focuses on the encounter between science and American evangelicalism in the twentieth century, in particular the debates surrounding the ever-increasing preference for evolutionary theory. The collection will be of especial interest to natural historians, and theologians as well as academics of philosophy, and history.

Table of Contents

Series Introduction

Volume Introduction

1. The Story of the American Scientific Affiliation American Scientific Affiliation

2. Introduction, Preface and Chapter One from Science to Souls, Peter W. Stoner

3. Geology and the Bible, Edwin K. Gedney

4. Biology and Creation, William J. Tinkle and Walter E. Lammerts

5. Astronomy and the First Chapter of Genesis, Peter W. Stoner

6. A Symposium on "The Age of the Earth", American Scientific Affiliation

7. Creation and Evolution, Russell L. Mixter

8. The Eye as an Optical Instrument, Frank Allen

9. The Science of Heredity and the Source of Species (includes discussion), Russell L. Mixter

10. The Scientifico-Logical Structure of the Theory of Evolution (includes discussion), Bernard Ramm

11. Some Presuppositions in Evolutionary Thinking (includes discussion), E.Y. Monsma

12. Biology and Christian Fundamentals, Russell L. Mixter

13. Deluge Geology, J. Laurence Kulp

14. Comment on the "Deluge Geology", Henry Morris

15. The Plan in the First Chapter of Genesis, R.T. Fulwood

16. Why God Called His Creation Good (includes discussion), William J. Tinkle

17. The Palaeontology of the Horse (includes discussion), Cordelia Erdman

18. Methods of Dating the Earth and the Universe, Delbert Eggenberger

19. The American Scientific Affiliation – The First Decade, F. Alton Everest

20. Biblical Chronology and Genesis 1:1-3 (includes discussion), G. Douglas Young

21. Creation Days, J. Oliver Buswell, Jr.

22. The "Kind of Genesis and the Species" of Biology, Wilbur L. Bullock

23. The Evaluation of Radioactive Evidence on the Age of the Earth, Roy M. Allen

24. Stratigraphy and Palaeontology (includes discussion), Cordelia Erdman

25. Creation in Terms of Modern Concepts of Genetics and Physics, Walter E. Lammerts and John C. Sinclair

26. A Criticism of the A.S.A. Monograph on "Creation and Evolution", John H. McClendon

27. Reply to Criticism of "Creation and Evolution", Russell L. Mixter

28. The Reconstruction or Cataclysmic Theory, Peter W. Stoner

29. Response to Mixter Regarding A.S.A. Monograph on "Creation and Evolution", John H. McClendon

30. The Impact of Geological Dating upon the Interpretation of Biblical Chronology, Herbert Feely

31. Creation, John C. Sinclair

32. The Formation of Living Organisms from Non-Living Systems, Walter R. Hearn

33. An Evaluation of the Fossil Record, Russell L. Mixter

34. Comments on Dr. Mixter’s Paper, Wilbur L. Bullock

35. The Evolution of Evangelical Thinking on Evolution, J. Frank Cassel

36. A Critique of Evolution, W.R. Thompson

37. Species Concepts and Definitions, J. Frank Cassel

38. The Genesis Kinds in Our Modern World, Frank L. Marsh

39. Some Implications of Evolution for A.S.A., Irving A. Cowperthwaite

40. The Origin of Man and the Bible, J. Frank Cassel

41. Letter, H. Harold Hartzler

42. Neutron-Induced Variation of Roses, Walter E. Lammerts

43. Creation, a Finished Work, William J. Tinkle

44. Origin of Life, Walter R. Hearn

45. Comments on the Origin of Species, J. Frank Cassel

46. Christian Thought Today – On Origin of Species, J. Frank Cassel

47. The Origin of Man, and the Bio-cultural Gap, James O. Buswell, III

48. Geology and the Great Flood, William F. Tanner



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