1st Edition

Creative Storytelling Building Community/Changing Lives

By Jack Zipes Copyright 1995

    Jack Zipes has reinvigorated storytelling as a successful and engaging tool for teachers and professional storytellers. Encouraging storytellers, librarians, and schoolteachers to be active in this magical process, Zipes proposes an interactive storytelling that creates and strengthens a sense of community for students, teachers and parents while extolling storytelling as animation, subversion, and self-discovery.

    Introduction; Part 1 Setting the Scene with Fairy Tales; Chapter 1 The Initial Encounter; Chapter 2 Mixing It Up with Salad Games and Acrostics; Chapter 3 Playing with Fortune; Chapter 4 In Celebration of Peace; Part 2 Exploring Genres; Chapter 5 The Wisdom of the Beasts; Chapter 6 Paying the Piper, or How Legends Lead People On; Chapter 7 Mythmaking; Chapter 8 Tall Tales; Chapter 9 Somewhere over the Rainbow; Chapter 10 Strange Encounters with Science Fiction; Chapter 11 New Perspectives through Creative Dramatics and Video; Part 3 Storytelling in Context; Chapter 12 On the Use and Abuse of Storytelling;


    Jack Zipes

    "Zipes describes his own ventures in classroom storytelling and outlines the process for teachers to follow...A good "Notes and Sources" section and an extensive bibliography complete this concise and very useful aid to storytelling at all levels of the classroom." -- Library Journal
    "Without being overly scholarly, he whets the appetite, allowing teachers to develop their material according to time and interest. . . . [a] concise and very useful aid to storytelling . . ." -- Publishers Weekly
    "After a solid discussion of why integration of storytelling in schools and libraries is a good idea, Zipes goes on to discuss the different kinds of tales and offers specific telling techniques that can facilitate the kind of experience he thinks storytelling should be. . . . Not everyone will agree with Zipes' methods or conclusions, but this is certainly thought provoking." -- Booklist
    "This is a remarkable book, the best of the many books about storytelling that I have read... he [Zipes] has a programme and a clear sense of just what stories are and do... Zipes argument that storytelling can build an informed and critical citizenry and a cohesive community is presented with precision and informative examples...I cannot but admire his enterprise... The idea is a community without competition, violence or exploitation. Such a community is devoutly to be wished, and Zipes's book keeps such a wish alive and strong." -- Journal of Educational Thought, Winter 1996
    "Zipes emphasizes that fairytales have remained influential because they are at heart utopian, celebrating "the capacity of people from all walks of life to survive disaster and change their lives." -- ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature, 28:1, January 1997