1st Edition

Creative Ways to Learn Ethics An Experiential Training Manual for Helping Professionals

By Dayna Guido Copyright 2019
    198 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    198 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Creative Ways to Learn Ethics is an accessible, easy-to-read guide that compiles a variety of ethics trainings to help professionals stimulate their minds, relieve stress, and increase engagement and memory retention. The book uses a range of experiential and thought-provoking approaches, including contemplative exercises, expressive arts, games, and media. Each chapter contains objectives, detailed procedures, adaptations for different audiences, and handouts. Trainers, educators, clinicians, and other mental health professionals can use these exercises in various settings and modify them to meet the needs of their clients.

    Section One: Using Games to Learn Ethics

    1. Going Once, Going Twice: The Ethical Values Auction

    2. Ethical Code Scavenger Hunt

    3. Ethics Trivia Game

    4. Ethical Charades

    5. The Slippery Slope of Ethics

    6. Building Ethical Organizations

    Section Two: Using Contemplative Exercises to Learn Ethics

    7. Writing Your Ethical Eulogy

    8. Ethics on a Cloudy Day: Developing Action Plans for Technologically Cloudy Questions

    9. Supervisory Ethics

    10. Developing Ethical Resources

    11. Developing Ethical Rituals

    Section Three: Using Expressive Arts to Learn Ethics

    12. Setting Ethical Boundaries with Your Body

    13. Embodied Ethics

    14. Ethics in Motion

    15. The Many Faces of Ethics: Making Masks

    16. The Grain of Truth: Enacting Ethics Through the Use of Sand Trays

    17. Ethical Sculptures

    18. Creating Ethical Super Powers

    Section Four: Using Media to Learn Ethics

    19. The Ethics of In Treatment

    20. Picture Perfect Ethics



    Dayna Guido, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, consultant, educator, and trainer. She has a private practice in Asheville, North Carolina, and specializes in providing clinical supervision. She has been teaching graduate school for over 20 years as an adjunct instructor in clinical mental health counseling at Lenoir-Rhyne University, in the School of Social Work in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and in the Department of Social Work at Eastern Tennessee State University. Dayna is the co-author of The Parental Tool Box for Parents and Clinicians. She also serves on the NASW-NC Chapter Ethics Committee. She can be reached at daynaguido.com.

    "Creative Ways to Learn Ethics provides readers with an imaginative, outside-the-box way to grapple with complex ethical issues. Dayna Guido shares a wide range of hands-on exercises designed to enhance professionals’ grasp of ethics-related challenges. The book’s user-friendly approach will appeal to practitioners who enjoy experiential learning. Creative Ways to Learn Ethics offers a useful supplement to prominent scholarly literature on professional ethics."

    Frederic Reamer, PhD, professor, School of Social Work, Rhode Island College

    "Dayna Guido’s creative ideas bring ethics to life. She highlights important ethical issues with relevant, interesting, and engaging activities. Each chapter contains detailed descriptions of the activity, resources needed, and tips to adapt the activity based on audience or time constraints. This is an excellent resource for educators and trainers."

    Tina M. Souders, PhD, JD, MSW, LCSW, clinical associate professor and director, Winston-Salem 3-Year MSW Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Work