1st Edition

Crime and Insecurity

Edited By Adam Crawford Copyright 2002
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Willan

    Concerns over insecurity and questions of safety have become central issues in social and political debates across Europe and the western world. Crucial changes have followed as a result, such as a redefinition of the role of the state in relation to policing - a central theme of this book - and an explosion in the growth of private policing.

    These developments have, in their turn, heightened feelings of insecurity and safety, particularly where populations have become increasingly mobile and societies more socially fragmented, culturally diverse and economically fragmented. Responses to insecurity now increasingly inform decisions made by governments, organisations and ordinary people in their social interactions.

    This book makes a key contribution to an understanding of these developments, approaching the subject from a range of perspectives, across several different disciplines. The three parts of the book look at broader theoretical and thematic issues, then at cross-national and pan-European developments and debates in European governance, and finally explore specific examples of local issues of community safety and the broader implications these have. Leading figures in the field draw upon criminological, legal, social, and political theory to shed new light on what has become one of the most intractable problems facing western societies.

    Introduction: Governance and Security by Adam Crawford  Part 1: Crime and Insecurity  1. The Governance and Crime and Insecurity in an Anxious Age: The Trans-European and the Local by Adam Crawford  2. Violence in the Age of Uncertainty by Zygmunt Bauman  Part 2: The Governance of Crime and Insecurity across Europe  3. Fighting Organised Crime: The European Union and Internal Security by G.Wyn Rees and Mark Webber  4. Freedom, Security and Justice: Pillar III and Protecting the 'Internal Acquis' by Juliet Lodge  5. Whose Insecurity? Organised Crime, its Victims and the European Union by Jo Goodey  6. Immigration, Crime and Unsafety by Hans-Jorg Albrecht  7. Insecurity and the Policing of Cyberspace by David Wall  Part 3: The Local Governance of Crime and Insecurity  8. Towards a New Governance of Crime and Insecurity in France by Sebastian Rochë  9. Commercial Risk, Political Violence and Policing the City of London by Clive Walker and Martina McGuinness  10. The Introduction of CCTV into a Custody Suite: Some Reflections on Risk, Surveillance and Policing by Tim Newburn  11. Poetics of Safety: Lesbians, Gay Men and Home by Leslie Moran  12. Issues in Local Community Safety: It's all a Question of Trust? by Sandra Walklate


    Adam Crawford is Professor of Criminal Justice at Leeds University, UK.