1st Edition

Criminal Justice in Scotland

Edited By Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney, Mary Munro Copyright 2010
    312 Pages
    by Willan

    320 Pages
    by Willan

    The existence of the separate criminal jurisdiction in Scotland is ignored by most criminological texts purporting to consider crime and criminal justice in 'Britain' or the 'UK'. This book offers a critically-informed analysis and understanding of crime and criminal justice in contemporary Scotland. It considers key areas of criminal justice policy making in Scotland; in particular the extent to which criminal justice in Scotland is increasingly divergent from other UK jurisdictions as well as pressures that may lead to convergences in particular areas, for instance, in relation to trends in youth justice and penal policy.

    The book considers the extent to which Scottish crime and criminal justice is being affected both by devolution as well as the wider pressures resulting from globalization, Europeanisation and new patterns of migration.

    While the book has a Scottish focus, it also offers new ways of thinking about criminal justice – relating these issues to wider social divisions and inequalities in contemporary Scottish and UK society. It extends the ‘gaze’ and analysis of criminology by exploring issues such as environmental crime, urban disorder and the new urbanism as well as crimes of the rich and powerful and corporate crime, giving it a relevance and resonance far beyond Scotland.

    Criminal Justice in Scotland will be an essential text for students in Scotland taking courses in criminology, sociology, social policy, social sciences, law and police sciences, as well as criminal justice practitioners and policy makers in Scotland. It will also be an essential source for students of comparative criminology elsewhere and academics wishing to take Scotland into account in thinking about criminal justice in the UK.

    Part 1: Thinking About Crime and Criminal Justice in Scotland  1. Criminal Justice in Scotland: themes, issues and questions, Hazel Croall, Gerry Mooney and Mary Munro  2. Social Inequalities and Criminal Justice in Scotland, Gerry Mooney, Hazel Croall and Mary Munro  3. Urban 'disorders', 'problem places' and criminal justice, Alex Law, Gerry Mooney and Gesa Helms  Part 2: Issues in Criminal and Social Justice  4. Youth Crime and Justice in Scotland, Lesley McAra and Susan McVie  5. Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice in Scotland, Lesley McMillan  6. Race, Ethnicity, Crime and Justice in Scotland, Hazel Croall and Liz Frondigoun  7. Corporate Crime in Scotland, Jenifer Ross and Hazel Croall  8. Environmental Crime, Reece Walters  Part 3: Aspects of Criminal Justice Process and Practice  9. Policing in Contemporary Scotland, Nicholas R. Fyfe  10. Sentencing and Penal Practices: is Scotland losing it's distinctiveness, Cyrus Tata  11. Fines, Community Sanctions and Measures, Mary Munro and Fergus McNeill  12. Prisons and Imprisonment in Scotland, Jacqueline Tombs and Laura Piacentini  Part 4: Looking Ahead  13. Criminal Justice in Scotland: overview and prospects, Mary Munro, Gerry Mooney and Hazel Croall


    Hazel Croall is Professor Emeritus at Glasgow Caledonian University where she set up and managed the Criminology degree. She is the author of Crime and Society and co-author of Criminal Justice in England and Wales. She has published extensively in the area of white collar and corporate crime.

    Gerry Mooney is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the Department of Social Policy and Criminology, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University in Scotland.

    Mary Munro runs the www.cjscotland.org.uk web site, does freelance research in criminal justice and has taught criminology at several Scottish universities.

    ‘This excellent volume gives the reader an accessible, illuminating and up-to-date picture of Scottish criminal justice. Locating the distinctive character of the Scottish system in a social and comparative context, these incisive essays challenge complacent national myths and replace them with sharp, well-informed analysis.’David Garland, Arthur T. Vanderbilt Professor of Law and Professor of Sociology, New York University

    Criminal Justice in Scotland makes a valuable and timely contribution to the growing field of comparative criminology.’ Pat Carlen, Professor of Criminology, University of Kent

    ‘At last we have a well-informed and up to date discussion of issues in Scottish criminal justice in one volume...Croall, Mooney, Munro and their contributors have done the field, in and beyond Scotland, a great service.’ – Richard Sparks, Professor of Criminology at the University of Edinburgh, and Co-director of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

    'The editors have attempted something ambitious and difficult with this collection....A very useful text.'
    -Rod Morgan, University of Cardiff, in the British Journal of Criminology vol 51 iss 6

    'This is an excellent book that not only fills a gap by providing an overview of the Scottish criminal justice system, but also provides an accomplish insight into the dynamics of globalisation and localism.'
    -Jamie Bennett, Governor of HMP Morton Hal, in Prison Service Journal no 194