1st Edition

Criminal-States and Criminal-Soldiers

Edited By Robert J. Bunker Copyright 2008
    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    The United States and her allies have found themselves plunged into ‘a war over [humanity’s] future social and political organization’ with criminal challengers to the nation-state form. These new wars are currently being fought globally with Al Qaeda, in Iraq with shifting coalitions of criminal gangs, insurgents, and Jihadi groups and throughout the Americas with the Maras (the first group of 3rd GEN Gangs to emerge). More new wars are poised to develop and the on-going ones are far from over, with more attacks upon the homelands of the US and her allies expected.

    This cutting edge book looks initially at the theoretical and legal side of criminal-state and criminal-soldier emergence and growth, before focusing on criminal-states and criminal-soldiers themselves, with particular attention paid to Al Qaeda, Hizballah, Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13), Caliphate and Mahdi concerns, Islamic Fundamentalist Use of Beheadings, Criminalization of Russian State Security, Nuclear Materials Trafficking, and Outlaw Private Security Firms.

    With the contributions from international experts, this book makes for critical reading for political scientists and criminal justice students and researchers, policy makers, and military and law enforcement practitioners.

    This book was previously published as a special issue of Global Crime.

    Special Editor’s Note Robert J. Bunker  Preface: Hunting Wolves Dave Grossman  Introduction: Subverting Corruption Robert Klitgaard  Overview: Defending Against Enemies of the State Robert J. Bunker and Matt Begert  PART ONE: THEORY AND LAW  The Fate of the State Revisited Martin van Creveld  Nation-states, Virtual-states, and Market-states John Robb  Defining Criminal-states Robert J. Bunker and Pamela L. Bunker  Military Tribunals or Civilian Prosecution: The Dilemma of Unlawful Enemy Combatants Brian Levin  PART TWO: CRIMINAL-STATES  Does Clausewitz Apply to Criminal-states and Gangs? Mark T. Clark  Perpetual Jihad: Striving for a Caliphate Hakim Hazim and Robert J. Bunker  The 2006 Usama Bin Laden Tape: Interpreting an Adversary Youseff Aboul-Enein  Hizballah’s Global Criminal Operations Michael P. Arena  Criminalisation of Russian State Security Mark Galeotti  PART THREE: CRIMINAL-SOLDIERS  Maras Morphing: Revisiting Third Generation Gangs John P. Sullivan  Gangs and Coups D’ Streets in the New World Disorder: Protean Insurgents in Post-Modern War Max G. Manwaring  Trafficking in Nuclear Materials: Criminals and Terrorists Louise I. Shelley  Outlaw Private Security Firms: Criminal and Terrorist Agendas Undermine Private Security Alternatives Graham Hall Turbiville, Jr.  The Use of Beheadings by Fundamentalist Islam Lisa J. Campbell  Afterward: Law Enforcement Response Strategies for John P. Sullivan  Criminal-states and Criminal-soldiers Keith Weston


    Robert J. Bunker