1st Edition

Crisis Intervention Verbatim

By Nira Kfir Copyright 1989
    196 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    First published in 1989. This volume intended primarily for professional people such as physicians, attorneys, ministers, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and counsellors of all types, is certainly helpful even for people in crisis. Crises often result in suicide or other devastating consequences. A person in a crisis is in this state exactly because he or she does not know how to cope. Crisis Intervention Verbatim, with its two part approach of theory and practice (through case histories), is valuable text which can be of considerable help to professional people dealing with crisis situations through giving them an understanding of the basic mechanisms of crises and an appreciation of effective ways of handling such problems.

    Part I Theory and Model of Crisis Intervention; Chapter 1 Nature of Crisis; Chapter 2 Model of Crisis; Chapter 3 Model of Intervention; Part II Case Studies; Chapter 4 Brian: Control in the Face of the Uncontrollable; Chapter 5 Joanne: Separation Crisis; Chapter 6 Jean and Harry: Parenthood in Crisis—Raising a Sick Child; Chapter 7 Debra: Cycles of Crisis; Chapter 8 Connie: Coping with a Death Sentence; Chapter 9 Richard and Susan: Anxiety in the Face of Terminal Cancer; Chapter 10 Elizabeth: Avoiding the Pain of Grief; Chapter 11 Ian: The Enemy Within; Chapter 12 Conclusion;


    Nira Kfir Maagalim Institute of Psychotherapy and Counseling in Adlerian Psychology, Tel Aviv, Israel. Janet R. Terner