1st Edition

Crisis and Social Mobilization in Contemporary Spain The 15M Movement

Edited By Benjamín Tejerina, Ignacia Perugorría Copyright 2018
    220 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    220 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The year 2011 marked the emergence of a series of mobilizations of the indignant that spread like wildfire around the world—from the Arab Spring to Europe, and soon afterwards to Occupy Wall Street, the Spanish 15M was pivotal to the transnational diffusion of protest. This volume analyzes the features that turned the 15M into a beacon for international mobilization, and those that garnered it unprecedented domestic support, surpassing historic socio-economic and politico-ideological fractures in Spain. It also delves into its gradual demise, and its profound impact on the emergence of political "offsprings" that portray themselves as heirs to the 15M spirit, such as Podemos.

    This book sheds new light on the 15M phenomenon, providing an international perspective that rejects cultural, economic, and even political reductionism. Including insights from sociologists and political scientists from around the world, it explores themes such as identity, emotion, cultural resources, the media, and the relationship between social movements, regional institutions and the state. Each chapter reflects on the impact and legacy of the 15M movement, as well as the important questions it raises about the current theoretical framework for social movements in Spain and beyond.

    Crisis and Social Mobilization in Contemporary Spain: The 15M Movement is a fascinating read for all students and scholars with interests in political sociology and social movements.

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    1. Beyond Austerity and Indignation: Embodiments, Spaces, and Networks in the 15M Movement: An Introduction 

    [Benjamín Tejerina and Ignacia Perugorría]

    2. Among Militants and Deliberative Laboratories: The "Indignados"

    [Héloïse Nez and Ernesto Ganuza]

    3. Identity in the Move. Between Emotional and Relational Processes of Mobilization

    [Ignacia Perugorría and Benjamín Tejerina]

    4. From Digital Commons to Society Commons: Influence of the Free Culture Movement into the 15M Mobilization

    [Mayo Fuster Morell]

    5. "La Revolución Será Feminista, o No Será". Reflections on Feminisms and the 15M

    [María Martínez]

    6. The Occupation of Squares and the Squatting of Buildings: Lessons About the Convergence of Two Social Movements

    [Miguel A. Martínez and Ángela García]

    7. The Strategic Use of Humor in the Spanish Indignados/15M Movement

    [Eduardo Romanos]

    8. The 15M Movement and the Crisis of Conventional Politics

    [Alfonso Pérez-Agote]

    9. The Spanish Indignados: The Role of Political Cleavages in Shaping Encompassing Protests

    [Ignacia Perugorría, Michael Shalev and Benjamín Tejerina]

    10. The 15M Movement and Processes of Democratization

    [Benjamín Tejerina and Ignacia Perugorría]


    Benjamin Tejerina is Professor of Sociology at the University of the Basque Country in Spain and Director of the Collective Identity Research Center

    Ignacia Perugorria is a PhD Candidate at the University of the Basque Country in Spain and a visiting researcher at the Collective Identity Research Center