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Critical Approaches to Health

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The Routledge Critical Approaches to Health series aims to present critical, inter-disciplinary books around psychological, social and cultural issues related to health. Each volume in the series provides a critical approach to a particular issue or important topic, and is of interest and relevance to students and practitioners across the social sciences. The series is produced in association with the International Society of Critical Health Psychology (ISCHP).

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine Containing and Expanding Therapeutic Possibilities

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Containing and Expanding Therapeutic Possibilities

1st Edition

By Kevin Dew
April 20, 2021

Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a sociological investigation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in contemporary society, and an exploration of the forces throughout the globe, across different institutions, and within different therapeutic spaces, that constrain or foster ...

Critical Ethnographic Perspectives on Medical Travel

Critical Ethnographic Perspectives on Medical Travel

1st Edition

By Cecilia Vindrola Padros
October 15, 2019

By taking an ethnographic approach to medical travel, this important book uses critical perspectives to understand inequalities in healthcare access and delivery, including gender, class and ethnicity, and explore how these are negotiated. In this key text Vindrola- Padros presents a comprehensive ...

Health at Work Critical Perspectives

Health at Work: Critical Perspectives

1st Edition

By Leah Tomkins, Katrina Pritchard
September 05, 2019

Engaging with some of the most debated topics in contemporary organizations, Health at Work: Critical Perspectives presents a critical, contingent view of the healthy employee and the very notion of organizational health. Drawing on expressions such as ‘blowing a fuse’, ‘cracking under pressure’ or...

A Critical Approach to Surrogacy Reproductive Desires and Demands

A Critical Approach to Surrogacy: Reproductive Desires and Demands

1st Edition

By Damien W Riggs, Clemence Due
September 13, 2017

This comprehensive text makes an important contribution to the study of surrogacy, developing a novel theoretical framework through which to understand the broader social contexts as well as individual decisions at play within surrogacy arrangements. Drawing on empirical research conducted by the...

Postfeminism and Health Critical Psychology and Media Perspectives

Postfeminism and Health: Critical Psychology and Media Perspectives

1st Edition

By Sarah Riley, Adrienne Evans, Martine Robson
July 24, 2018

This groundbreaking book employs a transdisciplinary and poststructuralist methodology to develop the concept of ‘postfeminist healthism,’ a twenty-first-century understanding of women’s physical and mental health formed at the intersections of postfeminist sensibilities, neoliberal constructs of ...

Disability and Sexual Health A Critical Exploration of Key Issues

Disability and Sexual Health: A Critical Exploration of Key Issues

1st Edition

By Poul Rohleder, Stine Hellum Braathen, Mark Thomas Carew
July 12, 2018

The sexual lives of people with disabilities are rarely discussed. It is as if, because someone has a biological or psychological impairment, they do not exist as a sexual being. As such, many people with disabilities feel marginalised and powerless not only in their day-to-day lives, but also in ...

Healthy Ageing A Capability Approach to Inclusive Policy and Practice

Healthy Ageing: A Capability Approach to Inclusive Policy and Practice

1st Edition

By Christine Stephens, Mary Breheny
June 11, 2018

What does it mean to age well? This important new book redefines what ‘successful’ ageing means, challenging the idea that physical health is the only criteria to gauge the ageing process and that an ageing population is necessarily a burden upon society. Using Sen’s Capability Approach as a ...

Urban Poverty and Health Inequalities A Relational Approach

Urban Poverty and Health Inequalities: A Relational Approach

1st Edition

By Darrin Hodgetts, Ottilie Stolte
October 05, 2017

When discussing health, we talk about ailments and afflictions, the potential of modern medicine and the behaviours that affect our health. Yet although these relationships exist, they undermine a more socio-economic understanding of health. This timely book takes a critical perspective to argue ...

Digital Health Critical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Digital Health: Critical and Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

1st Edition

By Deborah Lupton
August 22, 2017

The rise of digital health technologies is, for some, a panacea to many of the medical and public health challenges we face today. This is the first book to articulate a critical response to the techno-utopian and entrepreneurial vision of the digital health phenomenon. Deborah Lupton, ...

Constructing Pain Historical, psychological and critical perspectives

Constructing Pain: Historical, psychological and critical perspectives

1st Edition

By Robert Kugelmann
November 29, 2016

Everyone experiences pain, whether it’s emotional or physical, chronic or acute. Pain is part of what it means to be human, and so an understanding of how we relate to it as individuals - as well as cultures and societies - is fundamental to who we are.  In this important new book, the first in ...

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