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Critical Approaches to Law

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The Critical Approaches to Law series aims to secure a place for critical, inter-disciplinary, and/or theoretical work on the law curriculum. Each book provides a critical approach to a particular legal topic: whether this is an issue or theme within law or legal study, a disciplinary or sub-disciplinary area, a specific legal institution, a significant text, case or piece of legislation, an event, a person, or a specific approach to or tradition of law. The series encourages critical thought in and about law through a range of clear and accessible texts that are suitable for higher level undergraduates and postgraduates, as well as academic and practising lawyers who are seeking critical work in their area.

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1st Edition

By Shaunnagh Dorsett, Shaun McVeigh
September 10, 2012

This book takes its cue from the observation that jurisdiction - as the speech of law - articulates or proclaims law. Without jurisdiction the law would be speechless, without authority and authorisation. So too would be critics who approach the law or want to live lawfully. As a field of legal ...

Regulation of the Voluntary Sector Freedom and Security in an Era of Uncertainty

Regulation of the Voluntary Sector: Freedom and Security in an Era of Uncertainty

1st Edition

By Mark Sidel
May 31, 2007

Have we gone too far in enacting laws, promulgating regulations and announcing policies that threaten freedom of association, either now or ‘in waiting’ for the future? Regulation of the Voluntary Sector focuses on the legal and political environment for civil society in an era in which ...

Property Meanings, Histories, Theories

Property: Meanings, Histories, Theories

1st Edition

By Margaret Davies
June 30, 2007

This critique of property examines its classical conception: addressing its ontology and history, as well as considering its symbolic aspects and connection to social relations of power. It is organized around three themes: the ways in which concepts of property are symbolically and ...

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