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Teaching Mathematics Toward a Sound Alternative

Teaching Mathematics: Toward a Sound Alternative

1st Edition

By Brent Davis
March 01, 1996

This book presents an approach to the teaching of mathematics that departs radically from conventional prescription-oriented and management-based methods.  It brings together recent developments in such diverse fields as continental and pragmatist philosophy, enactivist thought, critical ...

Everybody Belongs Changing Negative Attitudes Toward Classmates with Disabilities

Everybody Belongs: Changing Negative Attitudes Toward Classmates with Disabilities

1st Edition

Edited By Joe Kincheloe, Arthur Shapiro, Shirley R. Steinberg
June 16, 2000

The evil prosthesis of Captain Hook, the comical speech of Porky Pig, and the bumbling antics of Mr. Magoo are all examples of images in our culture which can become the basis of negative attitudes and subliminal prejudice towards persons with disabilities. These attitudes influence and underlie ...

The Dramatic Arts and Cultural Studies Educating against the Grain

The Dramatic Arts and Cultural Studies: Educating against the Grain

1st Edition

By Kathleen S. Berry
January 01, 2000

This book presents a wide range of contemporary theories borrowed from Cultural Studies augmented with practical implications that support dramatic artists in their struggle to create possible multiple realities for a postmodern future. Teachers, directors, writers, students, and many others ...

Educational Reform A Deweyan Perspective

Educational Reform: A Deweyan Perspective

1st Edition

By Douglas J. Simpson, Michael J. B. Jackson
March 01, 1997

First published in 1997. This book illuminates contemporary educational reform discussions regarding teacher education programs and pre-K-12 schools by providing a clear analysis and application of John Dewey's relevant educational writings and ideas. The volume addresses issues of how future ...

Occupied Reading Critical Foundations for an Ecological Theory

Occupied Reading: Critical Foundations for an Ecological Theory

1st Edition

By Alan A. Block
January 01, 1995

Today's growing national concern about education centers on the paramount importance of teaching reading and writing. This volume offers a rigorous examination of reading and the pedagogy of reading critically. The book examines the crucial role of reading in the education of the child for the year...

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