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Critical Humanities Across Cultures

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This series initiates and invites two related paths of inquiry: first, to unravel the assumptions that govern European account about itself and through them its representations of other cultures like the Indian (Asian or African); and second, to risk and open up inquiries into reflective practical traditions of ‘non-European’ cultures which sustained a certain cultural reflective integrity in their locations and spread it beyond. Such an inquiry helps in responding to the contemporary crises in several domains such as ethics, art, caste, action, justice, science, university, the human and the question of living together with difference. The series is open to contributions that engage with the interface between Europe and non-Europe — cultures that faced colonialism — across the disciplines and media without alibi.

With the view of the historical reality that European representation of other cultures were conceived in the domain of the humanities, the volumes in the series address certain critical questions: Is the discourse of the humanities a cultural universal? Do all cultures consolidate their reflections of being human in such a discourse? How is the relation between modes of being and forms of reflection articulated in such cultures? Can we inquire into cultural difference beyond the regional discourse of ethnology and configure European difference from another cultural background (say that of Indian or Chinese or Asian and African)? The series will be of provocative significance to disciplines of philosophy, literary studies, anthropology, politics, comparative thought, art, aesthetics and law.

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India, Europe and the Question of Cultural Difference The Apeiron of Relations

India, Europe and the Question of Cultural Difference: The Apeiron of Relations

1st Edition


By D. Venkat Rao
July 30, 2021

This volume critically engages with the question of cultural difference and the idea of living with diversity in the context of India and Europe. It looks at certain essential European categories of learning such as art, nature, human, literature, relation, philosophy, and the humanities and ...

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